Donner, op cit, page 116; Manchester, op cit, pgs. 374-413; Boorstin and Kelley, op cit, page 597; Donner, pgs. 288-289).

1956: In what may be the "second Watergate", Attorney General Brownell authorizes federal officers to wiretap virtually without restrictions, and gives them permission to do so without a court Order--a probably illegal act in itself, done to circumvent if not flout a recent Supreme Court attempt to restrict such wiretapping activities. (Sources: 1956: Mollenhoff, 129-135, 114, 49-51, and 77-8l; Donner, 116, 244-45, and 292-305).

1960: JFK wins, and a recount shows that some states are actually counting ballots erroneously with the effect of favoring Nixon. Hawaii, as a result of the recount, goes over to the Democrat, while JFK's margin increases in several other states as a result of the recount: Nixon gains no ground from the recount; a series of scandals in the administration of foreign aid has allowed a mi.nor clean-up of the federal government (again, in 1956-1958, thus helping the Democrats again defeat a GOP candidate. (1960: Sources: Report of the County Chairman by James Michener (New York, 1961, Random House) pages 212-213; Mollenhoff, op cit pages 174-176, and 186-187; and Veil by Bob Woodward (New York: 1987, Simon and Schuster) pgs. 444-446).

1964: JFK has been killed, 1963, some still say, by a conspiracy which may have implicated top GOP people. LBJ attempts to form friendships, alliances with FBI personnel, inluding "Deke' Deloach, but has poor success; his attempts to surveill anti-war radicals is lackluster as a result, but most importantly, the FBI "helps" LBJ at many times when he isn't aware of it, such as much or most of its surveillance of the Democratic National Convention of 1964 in Atlantic City-- a small part of this is ok'd by Johnson, but most of it is done without his knowledge or approval, and is probably done to help the GOP, which, however, is so extremely frightening to voters that even with such cheating, its "Nuke North Vietnam" thinking is soundly voted down. (Sources: 1964: Donner, op cit, pages 254-260 and 287; Gazette for August 7, 1990; Steiger and Smith, op cit, pgs. 68-70; Honnegar, op.cit, pg. 242; Spectrum (a bi-weekly newspaper) for January 17-30, 1990, No. 116 (Little Rock, Ark.), "Gaze of An Assassin?" by John Sergeant and John Edgington, pages 1-8; Honnegar op cit, 229-237).

1968: HHH under surveillance like virtually everyone else who attends funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King, ostensibly for "national security" reasons; Nixon cuts deal with South Victnamese whereby they agree to stall on agreeing to Paris talks until after 1968 election, possibly costing Humphrey the election; especially so in light of the temporary disappearance, throughout the South and especially in strategic states, of thousands of Wallace third party ballots: they disappear in Virginia, while Wallace carries, with Humphrey 50 of 100 counties in North Carolina on a later vote count, while in Florida, the third key state Wallace fails to carry due to irregularities, GOP Senator Edward Gurney is found quilty of federal elections law violations in this campaign, as part of the GOP's cheating strategy in Florida. (Sources: 1968: Honneggar, op cit, pg. 93; Boorstin and Kelley, pg 677 and 688-692--op cit; Boller, op cit, pgs. 331 and 338; Donner, op cit, pgs. 253-254, and 296-305; 1972 World. Almanac, page 718; 1975 Reader's Digest Almanac, page 142; 1977 World Almanac , page 68).

1972: Watergate; amd other illegal wiretaps are also authorized by Attorney Genera1 John Mitchell by the FBI; also the first use of thc famous shredder.(Sources: 1972: 1971 Reader's Digest Almanac, page 711: a reference to what may have been a doctored census (again--this time for 1970, especially in George Mcgovern's home state of South Dakota); Palumbo, 116-117, op cit; (continued in next section)

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