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1976: E. McCarthy, unable to effectively disavow his GOP/Rockefeller connection during his antiwar days, is kept off the ballot in New York state,which probably allows Carter to carry New York, and, probably, win the election of 1976 via not losing liberal votes to McCarthy in pivotal New York State. (Sources: 1976: Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions by Gloria .Steinem (New York, 1983, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, pgs. 73-102; 1977 Reader's Digest Almanac, 245).

1980: Reagan, Bush cut a deal with Iran, during the height of the Iran hostage crisis in 1980, by which 1ran agrees to continue to hold the American hostages until after the election of 1980 in return for arms from the United States; the hostage delay may have cost Carter his re-election bid victory in a massive operation gDOS Dn in~rPlv:in ~, nu~l~cr Di by Carter personnel as well as GOP members (all are Republicans, anyway), to sabotage Carter's re-election bid, including stealing, his campaign de­bate briefing papers and using members of the supposedly "neutral" news media as debate coaches. (Sources: 1980: Honneggar, op cit, pgs. 82-84, 43-44 and 274-279; Woodward, op cit, pgs. 310-313; Boller, op cit, pg. 368; Reader's DigestAlmanac for 1984, page 246; WorldAlmanac for 1988, pgs. 67 and 38.)

1984: With his CIA Beirut station chief, William Buckley having been captured by the Iranians that he, Reagan and Bush have been doing "business"with, William Casey, CIA Director, vows to do "whatever is necessary" to secure his release: this apparently includes widespread political cheatng and other illegal activities and cover~ups. (Sources: 1984: Woodward, op cit, pgs. 584-588; Honneggar: 242-244, 213, 262-264, 279.)

1988: Iran threatens the press, the politicians via hostages, including hostage Terry Anderson (AP head in the Middle East)~ David Rabhan, (Jimmy Carter's pilot) and Allan Steen,(friend/associate of Michael Dukakis), via death threats to these and others if the "story" of the Iran deal 1eaks; Reagan, Bush acquiesce. Oliver North and othcrs with NSC/CIA have also begun using more advanced forms of wiretapping which are not as easily detected; the famous "shredder" reappears, to destroy yet more evidence.

(Sources: 1988: Honneggar, 270-274; Gazette, for July 15, 1989, page 7A; Woodward, op cit, pages 161, 452-453, 461, 476-478; 1988 World Almanac, pages 65-66, 36- and 64; 1964 Reader's Digest Almanac, page 24; 1989 World Almanac, pg. 48.)

The great old record of the Grand Old Party: Cheating?

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