China's Most Dangerous Company?

(What follows is a fowarded e-mail from a Panamanian detailing what seem to be major Communist Chinese activities in Panama, including setting up yet another front company for the Chinese Army. It would appear that this one could have the most serious repercussions of all for US national security. Yet, little is being said about it in the corporate-controlled halls of Washington, DC.--Max Standridge):

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Subject: Fw: the People's Republik of Panama


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Subject: Fw: the People's Republik of Panama

This just came to me from a retired Army Lt Colonel... I knew this was going to happen when Clinton gave the canal away.

God Bless America,


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Steady encroachment of the Red Chinese into Panama; they already control the canal. Looks like they are preparing to make Panama a Chinese territory or province before it's over.Interesting move. Do it first to Panama. Then spread through the rest of Latin America.There is more than one way to invade a hemisphere and bottle up a great power.Cheers,


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Subject: the People's Republik of Panama


Shedding a little more light on what is going on with Chinese control over the Panama Canal...exactly as Stratfor and other

commentators have warned. I don't have a citation for where this originally came from.


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October 1, 2002

Bring America Back to Panama!

Leading Panamanian Warns China Is Invading, Urges U.S. to Intervene

Urgent Letter to America

From Ray Bishop, President of the Jobs Movement Organization

Dear American friends:

My name is Ray Bishop, and I am a citizen of Panama. I am also president of an organization of 25,000 Panamanians, called the Jobs Movement Organization ("Organizacin Movimiento para Empleos").

The Jobs Movement has one goal - bring the Americans and the U.S. military back to Panama. Before the Americans left the Canal in 1999 - leaving NO U.S. military presence here - I was president of one of Panama's major labor unions.

At the time, I argued that the withdrawal of America would lead to great problems for the Panamanian people, as well as raise serious security problems for the U.S.

My worst fears have come true.

Consider the frightening facts:

Using bribes, the Chinese company Hutchison-Whampoa has been in operational control of the Panama Canal. Senator Trent Lott says this firm is a front for China's Army.

In case of breakout of war in Taiwan or Korea, vital U.S. troops and supplies could be interdicted China is engaging in an "immigration" invasion of our small country. There are now some 200,000 illegal and legal Chinese here, [--emphasis added--mcs] out of a total population of just 2 million. Imagine if you woke up one morning and discovered 30 million Chinese in your America! That is exactly, in proportion to our size, what has happened here in the past few years.

The Chinese are buying key businesses[emphasis added--mcs]. They have their own schools and even newspapers. Using China's organized crime, known as "Triads," the Chinese government controls this population and is already showing its muscle.

Panama's economy is already in depression. The government admits to 20%unemployment, but it is more like 30%! The weak economy is helping anti-American groups to gain a foothold here. Last year, unions linkedto Fidel Castro held a strike in Panama City that completely closed down the country.

With the total departure of the U.S., including America's anti-drug task force at Howard Air Force Base, drug lords and money launderers are making Panama City the base of their operations. Panama is set to become another Colombia. Marxist guerrillas from neighboring Colombia enter Panama with impunity, and they have been robbing banks and kidnapping foreigners and Panamanians.

There is much more that I could tell you. I have warned many Americans about the dangers here in Panama to the Canal and my people.

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