Below is a page from the Gulf War Veterans' Website. This item was recently referred to by RN Joyce Riley (US Army, ret.), on the "Coast to Coast AM" radio show, pertaining to evidence of US Government research into the neo-microbes that cause Gulf War Syndrome.

Of special interest in this section are the following:

1. reference to the work of Shyte-Chiog Lo at the US microlab in Maryland.

2. The fact that the patent number was issued on September 7, 1993 but was a "continuation" of two previously "abandoned" projects, going all the way back to June 18, 1986: "Related U.S. Application Data" states the following: "continuation-in-part of Ser. No. 265,920, Nov. 2, 1988, abandoned, which is a continuation-in-part of Ser. No. 875,535, June 18, 1986, abandoned."

3. The patent number, though not issued until September 1993, was "filed June 6, 1991". This suggests testing prior to the first Gulf War.

4. Descriptions in the "References" sections, as contained in the titles of research pieces: as early as 1985, we have "Marqcet et al" referring to their research piece, "Mycoplasm-like Structures;" following this, M./Dr. Lo, et al, has a series of 1989 articles, the most appallingly titled of which may be: "A NOVEL [--my emphasis--mcs] Virus-Like Infectious Agent. "

What is all of this telling us? Riley says it strongly shows the US military was experimenting with mimicking micoplasmal infectious agents--that is, attempting to create a man-made neo-microbe. Riley maintains she can document how current Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, in the 1980s, was a major shareholder in the pharmaceutical company that supplied this neo-microbe, which she says produces Gulf War Syndrome, to Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. His military, apparently with covert encouragement from the US government, was to use Saddam's nation as a testing ground for this future US biochemical weapon. One powerful argument that this is the case is that, despite our protestations before the world community to the contrary, after Saddam had finished using it, it ended up in the US arsenal.

Saddam, then, though a monster, was our monster, our "Frankenstein's monster."

But the most tragic consequence suggested, was that Gulf War Syndrome became a United States biochemical weapon that backfired and fell upon our own forces. This possible tragedy, still denied by our government, happened, at least insofar as active combat troops, when Sr. Bush, under pressure from Saudi Arabia, was forced to go to war with Saddam. In the scenario suggested by all this, Saddam's forces, accidentally or deliberately, set fire to dumps containing the neo-microbe in the final hours of the US offensive in the first Gulf War in 1991, when the Republican Guard was retreating before rapidly pursuing US forces. As I note in "Conclusions" to George Bush and Me, elsewhere on the George Bush-Undercurrents Website, two flanking, ("flying") US columns, moving ahead of the major central American column, could have encountered such a neo-microbe in the smoke-filled winds, while it was still in an active enough state to do real harm; and the rate of the Syndrome alleged among soldiers in that group was much higher than that of the central column behind them.--mcs]

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