If you've liked what you've read about the undercurrents in all our lives, here's your chance to buy a copy of Tim, George Bush and Me directly from me, the author. That's right--no middle man. You can get Volume One of Tim, George Bush and Me, a four-volume work, on floppy disk for only $14.95. Just click below to order. You can pay to Pay Pal, using an electronic payment form, whose link is supplied below.

The four-volume set includes:

Volume 1: Tim and Me

Volume 2: George Bush and Me

Volume 3: Notes and Illustrations

Volume 4: Annotated Bibliography

Each volume will soon be available. Right now, only Volume One is available as a mass-distributed floppy.

Tim, George Bush and Me: The Undercurrents In All Our Lives is copyrighted June, 1998 by Max C. Standridge.

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