Rozwell and Aztec, NM, 1947-8: Was There A Cover-Up, (and What Kind, If So?)

If Nacho Cerde did, indeed, make the infamous "alien autopsy" film/video, why does he not take credit? It would greatly enhance his credibility as a filmmaker. Film cannisters and other items in the video reveal Air Force and Defense Department logos in summer, 1947--only a few months early, since these Departments came into existence by October 1947. Thus, while this is an argument against the video's authenticity, it is not a strong argument. A small gap in weeks or months could be explained merely by a high security classification.

Visit Kal Korff's websitefor the most logical explanation for at least most of the Roswell story.

A UFO crash reported in a tongue-in-cheek article in an Aztec, NM newspaper dating from March 1948, is only a few weeks after October 1947, when the FBI, after a J. Edgar Hoover bulletin with a cancellation instruction, officially ended its UFO investigating role. Aztec is north of Roswell. Was this crash, in fact, a late report of a discovery of debris from the original Roswell "crash"? Is this how the FBI also interpreted this, and thus continue its investigation of this one case? Was a "burn site" found in the Aztec area, possibly during a flyover by the Lt. Governor and one of the original Roswell "craft" discoverers and "crash" site visitors, Lt. Lewis Rickett? Rickett asserts he was ordered to fly over an area of NM after the report of the Roswell debris. If so, such a discovery concerned J. Edgar Hoover as to whether either: (a) a USSR spy plane (possibly covered up by sympathetic local residents--this in the time going into the infamous "Army-McCarthy hearings") or (b) a US A-bomb had crashed or gone astray. The possibility of the Aztec crash being an extension of the Roswell crash--having occurred at the same time, but discovered some weeks later--could explain additional FBI activity. This might even explain the "harsh questioning" by agents recalled by eyewitnesses (i.e., "Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist party?")

Go to William E. Jones and Rebecca Minshall's article at International UFO Reporter for more on this, including a balanced to skeptical viewpoint.

If you want other data, go to The Aztec UFO Crash story website for a "pro" report and photos of the area. READ THESE ACCOUNTS WITH CAUTION. It is the general timing of the claim of a crash at Aztec, not the contents of the claims, that is of interest.

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And it's clear the CIA investigated UFOs for a time, including past the official Air Force "stop date," (as it appears in the standard form letter the USAF sends out to all persons inquiring) in trying to determine whether people were seeing the U2 spy plane too much. Visit Gerald K. Haines's investigative website article on CIA involvment in UFO investigation that went on up to 1993. (And if that external link doesn't work, use this internal link If the government lied to us about when it got out of the "UFO business," it rationalized it on the grounds of "national security."

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which is borrowed, in part, from the Sightings page on the subject

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Some of these sites may not work for your browser. Again, take all of these with a healthy dose of SKEPTICISM at the "Skeptics' Dictionary" website since much of this "UFO research" is done via referencing secondary sources, and only primary sources are really academically valid.

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None of this proves that either UFOs or aliens are real, but it suggests some bizarre twists and turns. For example, was our government already aware that open air A-bomb tests then ongoing were depositing too much radioactivity in the US southwest? If so, perhaps FBI and Nuclear Regulatory Commission personnel "got into the act" in both Roswell and Aztec, with the FBI asking about "communist affiliations" of eyewitness claimants, as well as the NRC probing wildlife in the area for radioactivity traces and maintaining fences. Yet, our government has continued to maintain this threat of radioactivity was not the case, only recently acknowledging that US troops were exposed to excess levels of radioactivity during the open air tests. Is it possible that the real "cover up" revealed by Roswell and Aztec is of a government refusing to protect its own citizens from its own weaponry? Shades of Saddam Hussein!

Other gray areas about "Roswell": In addition to Rickett, the original Army Air Force team that visited the Roswell "crash" site included Sheridan Cavett, Major Marcel and rancher Brazel, who first discovered the debris. Even after the Mogul explanation, Cavett continued to assert that the object they'd seen was a "weather balloon" about 30 feet in diameter--not the 100 plus foot Mogul.

Also, the winds change direction in the New Mexico area in the late June-July time period, data more recently mapped, when a Low moves in, reversing the normal winds. Thus, the unofficial "recollections" of Mogul team members that the Mogul flight went down in that direction--east, rather than west, of White Sands/Alamagordo--could be inaccurate, at least to an extent. Indeed, the same argument against their recollections can be raised as has been raised against the recollections of reportersKellahin and Adair that they drove on roads that, in fact, didn't exist at the time. There are no official records of a Mogul flight for that day, so that, while it seems probable that one occurred, there's no weather data for that flight's path.

Finally, the recollections of Roswell mortician Glenn Dennis, of having spoken to a "Roswell nurse" who helped conduct an autopsy (biopsy) related to some (terrestrial) creature ( suspected of being radioactive) found at a "crash" site at the time, seem confirmed on some level by a least two things: (1) Her name: he recalled it as "Naomi Maria Selff" in the '80s. One nurse confirmed to have been on the scene at the time was Rosemary McManus, later Rosemary Jensch. She was, indeed, transferred to Europe and North Africa shortly after her time at Roswell. Rosemary M. Jensch has a phonetic similarity to "Naomi Maria Selff". (2) Dennis also told early investigators he recalled her saying she was "from Minnesota". Indeed, Ms. McManus/Jensch/Brown acknowledged she was from Minnesota. McManus/Jensch/Brown (she was McManus while at Roswell, but married shortly thereafter, becoming Jensch, and possibly still in letter communication with Dennis. Also, at the time Dennis was "seeing" McManus at the base commisary, he was married. Is it possible Ms. McManus/Jensch/Brown has conveniently "forgotten" her visit with Dennis because of this? Even if all McManus/Jensch/Brown was involved with was a conventional biopsy on a terrestrial life form suspected at the time of radioactivity, the government may have still felt obliged to cover this up.

Another name of importance in the Roswell/UFO debates, is that of Colonel Howard McCoy of the US Air Force, who was the commanding General of the T-2 Technical Intelligence Branch of the Air Force at the famous/infamous Wright (later Wright-Patterson) Field in Dayton, Ohio, often the alleged home of "little bodies" of aliens in "Hangar 18".

First, read these official reports and letters between Air Force Headquarters and Col. McCoy at Wright on November 3-8, 1948.

Skeptics argue that these "prove" the AF had nothing at Wright to indicate the presence of aliens, since these were highly-classified at the time and indicate no knowledge of "bodies" or alien craft or any other physical evidence.

Go to Jan Aldrich's Project 1947 UFO FOIA Documents--1948 site

For a "pro" UFO argument based on still other, more recent words of Col. McCoy, read this e-mail exchange at the UFO Updates E-mail file:

Go to the first e-mail letter, which makes the first referral to Col. McCoy's 1970s, recently-discovered, taped verbal remarks, seemingly "pro" UFO statements, at a UFO group meeting.

Go to the additional e-letter, which includes the direct quotes of Col. McCoy in the '70s, in which he indicates he seems to halfway "believe" that "we've got visitors."

Visit this skeptics Site, "trudang", for two film splices that were submitted to film laboratories by alleged UFO "alien autopsy" hoaxster Ray Santilli. These and some of the few splices actually submitted to labs by Santilli were found to date to the 1947 era by the labs. However, critics and skeptics say that they "don't show anything", as the site below asserts. On the other hand, check out the image on the film splice on the right: what is that? It appears a disk-shaped object in a doorway.

Go to this skeptics' Site, which appears to contain an ironically "interesting" image on one of the Santilli film splices

President Carter said he saw a UFO and wrote outgoing CIA Director George H. W. Bush in 1977, asking him to share with him any info. then on hand re: UFOs. Bush never replied , reminiscent of his failure to reply to Chester Merzejewski's questions about his whereabouts/behavior over Chi Chi Jima Island in September(?) 1944. Why the silence to even an incoming President?

In any case, Bush's own President, recently deceased Ronald Reagan, himself is alleged to have said he saw UFO(s) and repeatedly referred to a possible "interplanetary invasion" (as did General Douglas MacArthur) in public addresses on at least three occasions --as the following web article suggests: Go to Ronald Reagan's "Obsession" with Aliens

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