Confirmation of the Radio Ad of 1980

[Following are a series of e-mails, mostly from a "Kenn N. Thomas", but also one or two from Paul, (my nephew who was at that time a military journalist stationed in Tokyo), from a Mr. M.T. See of Kalamazoo, MI, and from an investigative journalist, the late Brian Downing Quig of AZ--all, pertaining to the radio ad book of 1980. I've taken the liberty of converting some usages of all capital letters to italics, especially for book titles. My words should appear within brackets.--mcs]

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From: kennnthomas |

Subject: Black Gold |

Date: Sunday, November 19, 2000 7:28 PM |

I heard the radio ad in May or June 1980 on CBS network am (WBBM Chicago ) Title was Black Gold . Author--sounded like "Jack Stichney".

Black Gold is fiction but based on GBs WW2 exploits by author who knew bush. It did involve landing on island for some intel purpose. Book emphasized that Japs. were special troops of some kind. Cannibalism also emphasized. Sounded like book was more fact than fiction.


(I am not connected in any way w/ Kenn Thomas of Steamshovel Press ) |


Subject: Re: Black Gold: a "bite" on "black gold" |

Date: Monday, November 20, 2000 7:17 AM |

There was something in Kalamazoo, Michigan that made the cbs network (radio ) news on the same day as "black gold " may have been a tornado or something.

You can forget about any help from WBBM. Sherman Kaplan was the announcer and the re was one or two sentences from author.

Many of the national newsbytes on CBS start out in Chicago. It is very common for them to be played once, then be spiked for legal or political reasons. I know because I have been the subject of several of them- thats why I remember BG, I was tabulating the spiked stories ( which are invariably the most interesting and significant ones)

Kenn Thomas is a good guy and very underrated. I have talked to him a couple times.( The battery is low on my keyboard ,hence skipped letters )

There had been a minor flap about Bush war record which allwed BLack gold author to get publisher.

Intro was " Well, there's at least one beneficiary of the Bush WW2 controversy. Author Jack xxxx, who actually knew Bush back then,....."

" I was finally able to get a publisher after 10 years "

KAPLAN: "Well the title doesn't connect with the book. Why Black Gold? "

(IGNORES Q ) "it was the description of Japs as cannibals and cultists that did it"

Publisher was same as publisher of "Death Merchant" adventure series (pulp novels ) out of (surprisingly) Aurora , Illinois.

How did I find your site?

I have been locked in mortal combat with the monstrous individuals who completely own and control George Bush, Henry Hyde, Dennis Hastert, Dan Quayle, Alexander Ronnett and others for 35 years- alone.

Press the askme button below for furthur details if you wish--KT"

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From: kennnthomas

Subject: Re: Black Gold: a "bite" on "black gold"

Date: Monday, November 20, 2000 3:32 PM

"Correction: Re-reading my previous email, I was shocked to see that I had inadvertantly stated details of publisher as fact which is incorrect. I only remember it was some sort of oddball publisher. Eveything else is correct as far as I can recall.--knt"

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From: Paul Johnson

Subject: RE: Black Gold: a "bite" on "black gold"

Date: Monday, November 20, 2000 1:57 AM


The Black Gold by Frederick Bean is not what you're looking for. Frederick Bean is a western author. I did a quick check on the major booksellers and came back with the following results: 502255-3046502

Not saying that there isn't a book called Black Gold by a Frederick Bean(although the coincidence would be uncanny), but as far as I can tell, this ain't the one.

Sorry for the bad news, but the quest continues!

Hail Eris,


[It's interesting that Mr. Kenn N. Thomas recalls the ad mentioning "cannibalism". Joe Hyams, an "authorized" Bush biographer, recounts how the Japanese Chi Chi Jima commander apparently really did engage in cannibalism. Stories from troops under his command after the War apparently confirmed his weird new habits. (Of course, like a great many Japanese officers, the commander apparently committed hara kiri.)

[Perhaps Bush's rich boy Frat had him to do something "weird" during the War. Perhaps he landed on Guam by mistake, not knowing how to water land--and his buddies Forrestal and Dulles helped him cover it up. Or perhaps he was one of Dulles's couriers, in an early forerunner of "October surprise."

[How did GHW get listed as MIA when that status is normally not given for 48 hours--and he was never, officially, unaccounted for, for more than four hours? Why is the date missing from his squadron commander's log re: Chi Chi Jima? Why are the page numbers missing from the CK Bronson's pages that refer to Bush's alleged pickup out of the water off Guam on June 19, 1944?

[Why does the USS San Jacinto, Bush's home carrier, not know the name of the destroyer that picked him up, even though it was right off the bow? It knew the name of the destroyer that picked up Dick Houle's plane--the USS Healy, exactly 24 hours "later", and in exactly the same situation.

[Why does Bush give such varying versions of events involving himself? He says his plane was malfunctioning before he ever took off--then he says it was doing fine until he hit 5000 feet, and flew through some shrapnel (off Guam, June 19, 1944); he says his crew were "all dead" before he decided to bail out over Chi Chi Jima--then he says he "saw them moving and groaning in the back". He tells people today his plane was on fire during the latter crash--but he told Thomas Keene, the airman who was on the sub that picked him up, nothing about any fire on his plane.]

From: |

Subject: gold

Date: Tuesday, November 21, 2000 8:48 AM

"What I heard was not an ad, but I'm sure it was the same book author etc. There is no chance I made a mistake -- I'm too careful about even casual observations, because I have to be.

All personal data about the Bushes ,from James (1825-1889) to Dubya is deliberately scrambled. I can tell you at least some of the real truth. For a number of years , I worked pretty closely with the business partner of GHWB's only real friend outside of John Paul Hammerschmidt ( I know several generations of Hammerschmidts-Hammersmiths very,very well )

The Bush-buddy and partnr are very famous former navy officers and Yalies. All public info about Bush is a lie-- that's his policy and his father's. Bush is super-secretive. For example, every year GHWB and Navy officer(NO) and their families wuld take their annual vacations together, from early 50s to late 60s-- no one knows anything about it and there is no record --al records are routinely falsified.

I know a great deal about the Black Gold business, but it's only stuff I've been told over several decades.

Capsule GHWB: incapable of killing a crewmember face-to-face...classic overprotected rich kid, shallow, limited but in a perrverted way actually means well.

GHWB is a thoroughgoing racist and anti-Semite . He does not regard anyone outside his circle as human -we are just cattle . He absolutely believes this, as does Dubya.

Skull and Bones and the real CIA are exactly the same organization. To a lesser extent this applies to Yale as well.

GHWB is a reflexive liar who will lie even when the truth would better serve his purpose- on principle ,as it were. GHWB is a virtual slave to others, some of whom are not Americans.

Like all members of his class GHWB truly believes Hitler was right. Theres no good in arguing They simply are missing some part of their brain and are incapable of understanding. I am certain this is genetic and have solid evidence.

The above is to explain : I have a truckload of firsthand info on GOLD but I cannot let you rely on it. My memory is perfect, 1 in 100 milion(see k12 record #16, also 94CH0664) but there are all kinds of other reasons for inaccuracy and I cant simply state what I saw and I cant say why.

As far as I know , you are right about ad.

Understand, all trace of that book and that author would have been erased no matter the cost and no matter who had to be murdered.

You are confronting quintessential, superhuman and undiluted evil. You have to keep that uppermost. Also, the minute you stoop to using their criminal tactics ,theyve won-thats the goal once theyve targetted you. Dont fall for it.


[What Mr. Ken N. Thomas says would seem to fill blanks to some extent--Forrestal was seen burning an aircraft on Saipan in July, 1944 by Tom Devine, a Marine stationed there. No records of Forrestal's whereabouts exist during that time-frame.

[Bush was taken to the Lexington rather than his home carrier after he was ostensibly picked up out of the water off Guam. Only persons with important Intelligence connections or purposes were normally taken to the Lex that way.

[Draper was, indeed, involved in WW2 treason. See Charles Higham's Trading with the Enemy for more on Draper. (Also his American Swastika.)

[There are vaults on Chi Chi Jima. One theory was that the Chi Chi vaults housed the Emperor's personal treasures, either monetary, art/sculpture, or both. If so, they were empty by the time they were found by US forces in 1945. Did Dulles help smuggle it into Switzerland?]

From: kennnthomas

| Date: Tuesday, November 21, 2000 9:46 AM

"Standard Oil continued oil deliveries to Japan and Germany throughout the war.

The wife of William Friedman who founded NSA was in charge of monitoring these shipments (under Treasury Dept. cover). No action was ever authorized; the plan was to prosecute after the war. Only the death of Roosevelt prevented long prison sentences for the Bush clan and their ilk. The records still exist but are top secret and it will take pressure to declassify them.

In 1983, a Bush insider mentioned to me that GHWB had been entrusted with papers re: oil shipments for Japan which he was to deliver to an admiral, for delivery to Japs. "Insider" complained that rightwingers in Reagan admin. were falsely concluding that Bush delivered papers direct to Japs. He mentioned Draper but he was army.

GHWB never knew contents of 1 pound doc package, which was schedule of areas to avoid so as not to ruin oil shipments .

Japs. certainly would have received same info complete with authenticating document from Sec Nav.

This was approved operation- but approved by by whom?

That doc probably still exists in papers of sec int Ickes and other places.--knt"

[An interesting detail I'd not previously heard about, pertaining to Mr. Forrestal.

[For a possible "conventional explanation" of Mr. Thomas's information, and possibly for the allegation about Bush's delivery of message to an admiral, see "Wedding Invite"

. This refers to Robert Stinnett's book George Bush: His World War II Years, (DC: Brassey's, 1991), page 77, on which appears a photo of Bush with Admiral James L. "Reggie" Kauffman on the Lexington while he and his Avenger crew were there. He gave a "message" to Admiral Kauffman, first of appreciation for his safe pickup by the US destroyer CK Bronson, and also to invite him to the wedding of Precott Bush, Jr., Bush's older brother, to Kauffman's daughter.

[Is this wedding invitation delivery the source of the rumor about Bush? On top of the Bush family's ties to the early pro-Nazi regime in Poland (in 1934, only a few years prior to the German invasion of Poland, acccording to Tarpley and Chaitkin, Prescott, Sr. had been "concerned" because the Poles were standing up to the Nazis who were partnered with Prescott's business partners at Union Banking Co. and Silesian-American). A Pole such as Bush squadron member Chester Mierzejewski, for example, may have had an "antenna" up about Bush, given that earlier semi-treasonous behavior by Bush's father (albeit at a time when the war had not yet started and while the US was still neutral). Not knowing about Prescott, Jr's upcoming marriage, but seeing Bush handing Kauffman a message, perhaps he picked up on this and became suspicious as a result.

[One of the names Mr. Thomas mentions is that of Ickes. the only previous reference I'd had to Ickes was when Higham pointed out that, had it not been for Ickes, Standard would have continued its policy in 1941--while a shooting war was already in progress in the Atlantic between US ships and Nazi u-boats--of refueling Nazi subs

[Ickes brought data to the Truman Committee in Congress that resulted in Truman's subsequent investigation of Standard's treasonous oil sales. The Truman Committee wrapped up its business in early 1942, having begun its investigation before Pearl Harbor. The bigwigs involved had a lot of clout in the media, however, and the story only appeared in the New York Times, in a page 25 paragraph of 1944.

[The use of Interior Dept. ships, referred to in the following e-mail from Ken N Thomas, sounds unusual. As Sec'y Navy, Forrestal could have used Navy ships! But perhaps he had to cover his tracks. Ickes began to notice the impact of Standard's actions in 1943, when it was noted that, though Spain was not an industrialized country, "it" was purchasing hundreds of tons of fuel oil, aviation oil and other petroleum fuels from Standard in the US and Britain. Tracing this out, Ickes discovered that the Nazi port of Hamburg was the real end point for all that oil.--mcs]


| Date: Tuesday, November 21, 2000 8:59 PM |

"Forrestal is supposed to have commandeered some vessels belonging to Interior Dept. to ship "black oil" ( bunker oil ) to Japs. That's how Ickes caught on to him.

Frank Comerford Walker was tangentially involved in some of this. This may apply as well to his cousin John Walker and his cousin's son, John A Walker, convicted in 1986 for espionage. I lived on top of one of the KGB dropsites for several months as a guest of the Whitney/Elmhirst family (also Payne and Straight and Barnes) They are supposed to be involved with Standard Oil's, sustained and successful blackmail of FDR. Three of the 5 dropsites monitored by FBI were on or next to Elmhirst property.

Without Standard Oil, the war would have ground to a halt very quickly. The US produced 80% of world's fuel. Do some very elementary calculations. A nauseating conclusion cannot be avoided.

Except for recent election problems I probably would never have said a word about most of the above.

. All decent things are in much more danger now than in 1944.--knt"

[It could be that Mr. Thomas is wise to be concerned. I've also been concerned about Gen. Bowen, "Jack" or whoever the real author(s) or source(s) turn(s) out to be.

[One reason Robert Maxwell is an interesting possibility is that, in 1980, his status as mega-publisher and multi-millionaire would have ensured he could get an ad placed on big network affiliate radio stations--even when, after some months, he may have reneged on the promise to publish.

[Maxwell made plenty of enemies and a dirth of people have suggested his death was suspicious. I speculate that "October Surprise" may have been something in which Maxwell was involved, and that the ad was part of a pressure on GHWB on Maxwell's part to get Bush involved. ----------]

| From: kennnthomas

| Subject: confidential concluding remarks

| Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 10:34 PM |

"A person who may have been the original author surfaced again in 1993-- peddling his book. I have no details The pattern of inaccuracies re incident reports 9/44 fit a dismal and familiar template: One of Bushs crewmwen may have lived long enough to fall into Jap. hands- which jibes with rumors Ive heard for decades.

I have now read Tarpley and Chaitkin's Bush book . It is the most scrupulously accurate piece of journalism I have seen in a long time. Secret War Against the Jews contains some alarming inaccuracies.

The demonic and indescribable cruelty of the Japs. is the reason after action reports were often falsified.

RE PS Bush,"fly high" the Jap Zero had an altitude advantage over US planes and preferred to attack from above when high alt. bombers were at their ceiling (30,000ft for zero, 25,000 for best US planes.)

PSB would certainly have known this. Just as certainly he uttered the admonition approximately as quoted.

Book on ChiChi Jima may have changed title and nom de plume several times.

One b-a-r-e-ly possible connection :aircraft mechanic named Jack Hines. That's all I can think of."

--[KNT quote, but I break in here to say, an interesting point here is the name Jack Haas, which will appear further down in this file, in an e-mail from Mr. Merrill T. See, author of a novel about Japanese and cannibalism in the Pacific. Kenn N Thomas continues:--mcs]

"I have to get back to my main concern -keeping myself and my wife alive.--knt"


[I have no commitment to "black gold" as a title, but it's interesting that a CBS-affiliate (in Chicago area in May/June 1980) and another network station affiliate (?) in Houston in Fall 1980 ran this material. Only someone with "clout" could have gotten that done--someone like Robert Maxwell, who was then a multi-millionaire and publisher. Though "Black gold" is a tempting title, I've never been sure about it, The fact Bean's book had come back "unavailable" at couple of times, was an eyebrow raiser, but no confirmation at all.

[There is a faint possiblity that another "bean" was out there, but the odds are against it.

[Another interesting coincidence/synchronicity: the name "Bean." I was an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan in my early teens and his original nom de plume was "Normal Bean," and sometimes "Norman Bean." Another interesting coicidence. Indeed, the name "Bean" seems to have been used as a nom de plume by other writers.

[The question still is, was "black gold" the title, or some other title with "ackkk" in the title? Black gold would work, in that oil is referred to as black gold--and Standard Oil was involved in WW2 treason

[This guy gives some indications of knowing some stuff about Forrestal. Not much of that has been out there--Loftus and Aaron's book is about the only place. How did he know this?

Also, he seems to know a good bit about Walker's ring. Finally, I seem to recall something about a "package" or something, and there was something about an area that was to be avoided so as to not destroy a shipment, in the ad. These things came back a bit as he was saying things along that line in the e-mails I've forwarded out to "all."

[But I confess, after all these years, I'm reluctant to assert "Black Gold" as the title. I was working with Immaculate Deception, and got a scenario that at least partly worked. But Black Gold could still have been the title if Maxwell were involved: the book could simply have disappeared due to Maxwell reneging on a contract, or by deep-sixing it after the pol. he was trying to blackmail, caved. The scenario I've mapped out, involved "October Surprise" of 1980.

[I've asked Mr. Thomas for a phone #, as he 's starting to indicate a nervousness for himself and his wife's well-being. I told him I thought the more people knew, the better, and gave him my credentials--various degrees and SPJ member #. But he's now asked for confidentiality in his very last e-mails

[For now, this appears to be an end to the forwards from Mr. Thomas.--mcs]


[I did a follow-up on the web address you gave me for Black Gold by Bean. As you may recall, it contains a review. I actually recall reading under the MARC listings at OCLC that the book was "set in east Texas in the 1930s", upon reflection.

[What had not convinced me it might be the book in question, even before, was the publication date: 1997, according to my OCLC sheets that listed it as "unfilled" and "unavailable." It doesn't describe it as a paper back, suggesting--as the page confirms--that it is a hardback edition. But the publisher on the OCLC listing is "Forge" out of New York. No specific publisher comes up on the first page of the Amazon listing, but it does say it is a hardback edition. Also, OCLC says this 1997 edition is the "first" edition--again, suggesting a hardback.

[That publication would clearly put it post-1980. What left a gray area about it in my mind, aside from its being "unavailable," was that 1930s east Texas setting, in the oilfields. That registered on some level, but again, as I note in the book and on the website ("A Working Title, An Author, A Source"), the most likely title to me seems often to be Immaculate Deception by Brig. Gen. Russell S. Bowen (Ret.). (Carson City, NV: America West, 1991).

[This book apparently first appeared as it is today in 1989, and America West published it two years later. But there was a ten-year gap as to when Gen. Bowen says in the text (again, as it exists today), that he started writing it--some time late in 1977, shortly after what he perceived as the George Bush CIA-backed assassination of Chilean Ambassador Letelier (he says it was at that time that he "began writing the book")--and today's version of the book. What happened during that ten year interim?

[In that interim, it seems to me, from the way the book's jacket reads, the way the America West ad reads, and the way the author inserts elipses at a point in the text, in a section about the Irag-gate scandal and BCCI reported by Sherman Skolnick, that there is a distinct possiblity that something got suppressed, got deleted. The section contains lengthy quotes of Skolnick's Report on BCCI; and on page 167, in the midst of that Report, Gen. Bowen inserts elipses--that is, to tell the reader that he has deleted something.

[The section in which that appears, reads as follows:]

"'The judge ordered [Democratic Congressman Henry] Gonzalez not to use any of the records that he already has and ordered him to give the other documents back. . .".

[What I think is significant here, is that Gen. Bowen sidesteps an opportunity to go into those "other documents". Just previous to this, he'd had a "lead in" paragraph on page 152, in which he makes the intriguing statement:]

"What drove George Bush to champion the Iraqis is not clear."

[He then goes into detail--going quite a few years back--to show Bush's "tilt" to Iraq. My sources indicate he was helping Saddam's faction of the Ba'ath Party as early as late 1976, in the outgoing Ford Admin. That Ba'ath faction is the one my research also shows goes all the way back to that May 1941 Iraqi fascist coup by the pro-Axis Raschid Ali, in which Saddam's uncle was a kingpin, and during which Rudolf Hess made his famous flight to England and "bailed out" with a negotiated peace proposal to English conservatives--a group we now know was, indeed, in communication with the Nazis about a negotiated settlement at that time (See Loftus and Aarons).

[The interesting thing, here, is that Bowen, with these deletions, seems to have deleted all his references to that 1941 tie to Standard Oil, which my source (Foreign Relations for 1941), shows involved oil industry employee "Americans" as well as "White Russians" "aiding" the pro-axis coup plotters. At that time, one of the persons in charge of payroll for Standard, was Prescott Bush!

[Given the possibility that Robert Maxwell was involved (highly suggested by the way the ad or publicity appeared on network-affiliated radio stations in the Chicago and Houston areas), the title "Black Gold" could still be in play, even if "Frederick Bean" isn't.

[However, before we give completely up on Frederick Bean himself, I'll share with you the reviews, straight off the web address Paul sent me. It's intriguing that the book is bringing up HL Hunt, someone some have suspected in the "JFK thing." And someone Loftus and Aarons,Simpson, Bellant, Higham and others--tell us was "over the line"as to WW2!

[Not only is there a possibility that this is some "second edition" of Frederick Bean's novel--perhaps changed from some earlier one--but also, even in what exists now, the author edges up on writing about someone in Big Oil WW2 treason. HL Hunt used to write widely-published "letters to the editor" that appeared almost every day in the Arkansas Democrat in the 1960s and '70s upholding the Vietnam War and urging its continuation and escalation--and attacking the patriotism of those who questioned it. Like Allen dulles was he also trying to kill off former US Asian allies against Japan before they could "squeal" on him?

[Here, then, is that review:] review of Black Gold by Frederick Bean.

"Although a bit too enamored of the traditions and myths surrounding the Texas Rangers, Bean (Lorena, not reviewed, etc.) does a commendable job in this action-filled adventure set in the East Texas oil fields in the 1930s. The story opens with the murder of hapless wildcatter Bill Dodd on the eve of his registration of a mineral-rights oil lease.

Dodd's murder is simply one more violent act in the virtually lawless environs of the east Texas fields, and local authorities ignore it.

Texas Ranger Lee Garrett is told to quietly investigate the killing, in response to Dodd's widow's complaint that he was killed by people who wanted to steal the lease. Almost immediately, Garrett discovers that there's more to the case than a simple act of murder and robbery. Tracing Dodd's associations through a prostitute, Molly Brown, Garrett begins to connect the nefarious dealings around the drilling rigs to organized crime in New York.

In the meantime, another ranger, Roy Woods, is working with Treasury agents to shut down bootlegging operations in the nearby piney woods. Soon the two rangers are brought together. They tie corrupt officials to Eastern gangsters and discover that the real power behind the crime wave may be none other than Texas oil tycoon H.L. Hunt. . . burdened by cliche, a plodding plot, and a tendency toward the sentimental, the novel holds the reader's interest, thanks to Bean's deft hand at character development and his knowledge of the period. The climactic action scenes are well constructed, and the dialogue, though often repetitive, is natural and true to the time and place. . .". -- Copyright 1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

"Book Description

"The rest of America is waiting in bread lines and crowding into soup kitchens, but not Longview. . . the down-and-dirty center of the East Texas oil boom. Fred Bean brings 1930s Longview to life, in all its brawling, gutsy, wretched glory.

"Texas Ranger Lee Garrett is sent to Longview to investigate the murder of small-time wildcatter Bill Dodd, a man about to make millions from an oil lease he had recently acquired. Garrett finds more than he imagined in Longview, uncovering the first East... read more. . . ".

[Could the phenomenon of the "suppressed first edition" actually be in operation with Bean's book? This is a Western novel in a sense--but it's also about the 1930s, east Texas, Big Oil and H.L. Hunt in a very negative role. Could it be that an original edition of this book--possibly even by the same author--cut a little too closely for Mr. Hunt's tastes, and he put the screws on to ensure certain changes were made?

[That could also explain the gap in the 1980-1997 time period--similar to the ten year gap in Bowen's publishing career.

[One other interesting thing is the phonetic similarity of "Frederick Bean" to the "Jack Strichey" author name recalled by Kenn N. Thomas. The possibility of a Robert Maxwell factor in this, is a wild card. I recall "ackk" in the title. Mr. Thomas seems to know details about James Forrestal that appear virtually exclusively in Loftus and Aarons.

[Another interesting possible insight here: Interior Department had been involved, years before, in 1908, in the Teapot Dome Scandal. That too, had involved oil; the same players could have been involved in 1940s WW2, especially given the Rockefellers hostility to FDR. Mr. Thomas mentions that Forrestal may have used "Interior Department ships". He also mentions the involvement of Harold Ickes in the discovery of some of Standard's WW2 treason. That is only gone into detail by Charles Higham, and is found virtually nowhere else. Thomas also mentions Draper--someone, again, only addressed by Higham. Yet he cites an independent source for this.

[The review is of the "mass paperback edition" of Frederick Bean Black Gold on page two of the web listing at Apparently the paperback edition reviewed is distinguishable from the 1st edition of 1997, a hardback. Even so, the hardback is too young to be the 1980 book--at least, in its present form. I wonder what shape such a book might have been in--if any--in 1980?]


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Date: Friday, December 15, 2000 9:16 PM

Rehnquist's official bios list army air force 1943-1946 (Henry Hyde lists navy, LIE ).

Rehnquist was in a suspect ROTC unit that received money from Fourth Reich and wore nazi uniforms. Thompson was payroll man. This was during a declared war.

In 1940, no educated person believed that democracy ... had a future and the only question was whether Communism or Fascism would eventually win out. D-Day legitimized the liberal option. The Nazis saw this immediately and began setting up fourth reich in US and Canada with help from right-wing US generals Hap Arnold, Leroy Manner, Boris Pasch, Alonzo Fox, | MacArthur's suborninate - don't recall name- many (like MacArthur) from what they called "New Berlin," Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- Chicago's Nazi suburb.

My mother's family were anti-nazi Prussian(lettish) and Saxons connected to Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago who died mysteriously right after Dec 8,1941

In 1967, I was hired to fill in a door in burn vault in CHI-FED, of which my remaining great uncle was director or deputy director or something. Not all bales of money were dyed or perforated.

I told the Fed(US) Marshall I could just walk out with $$$$$. He said,"Yes, you probably could." Door led to tunnel with narrow gauge rail. led to dock suitable only for LOW silhouette vessel like WW1 vintage german sub. Straight across the lake was Ludington, Capones smugglers haven.

Copy of incendiary Red House Document is in:

Appendix, case # 1-98-2720,

First District Appellate Court of Illinois, Appellants' brief,

Thomas v Wheaton, et al

Hitler's Secret Bankers, Adam LeBor 1997, Birch Lane, Carol Publishing, page 58

Schact's son worked at Chicago Fed. Horace Greeley Schact, always pictured in contemporary US newspapers as Hitler's boss, co- architect of Youngplan, that Schact! --KNT."

[The following e-mail was sent from Mr. Merrill T. See, in response to my requests for information about his book which refers to an "Egore J. Dwarfe", a character Mr. Kenn N. Thomas had recalled a possible reference to Japanese cannibalism in the Pacific during WW2--something that really did occur on Chi Chi Jima island, over which Bush bailed out during in September, 1944.--mcs]

From: mtsee To:

Subject: Author

Date: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 8:23 PM


Please pardon the delay in replying. I am 73 years old and still active but find myself short of spare time sometimes. I'm very sorry. I deeply research the mysterious 1937 disappearance of aviators Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. There are serious ambiguities in the allegation they were executed by the Japanes military in the Micronesia Islands. Mostly fabrications by certain indigents and pre-world war II traders who I believe became wartime collaborators with the Japanese military[--my emphasis--mcs] which was nonexistent prior to world war II. I believe those stories were postwar creations for personal gain. I created some bizarre short story fictions which I used to bridge gaps. All are based on alleged happenings and real facts.

Egore Dwarfe is a fictional character. None of this has been formally published. My list of (authors) on that page is very factual but I feel much of their failed efforts were the result of fiction handed them. I looked up your home page and found it very interesting. Thank you very much. If I can be of any help to you please let me know. Very interesting reading on The Bush dynasty. I commend you. Merrill T. See

From: Brian Downing Quig ( To: MAX STANDRIDGE

Subject: Re: Rehnquist the racist and the Supreme Court presidential decision

Date: Saturday, December 30, 2000 3:33 AM

The motion pictures of the rescue of WW II avaiator George Bush showed the deck of a submarine where deck hands were smoking cigerettes and chilling out. It did not look like combat at all. When Bush left the plane he did not bother to tell the crew he was leaving. Brian

From: KennT...



Subject: Kalamazoo, Ickes

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 11:20:56 -0600 (CST)

I'm sure one of the people around See is the author of the Bush -ChiChi book, or by title for anonymous works, the guide gives the author's name, title, place of publication and date of publication for each work.

Subjects: Science

Louis Nichols Official and Confidential File and the Clyde Tolson Personal File.

Bethesda, Md., University Publications of America, 1990.

Call: Microfilm A269

Location: Microforms Guide:

Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Federal Bureau of Investigation Confidential Files,

the Louis Nichols Official and Confidential File and the Clyde Tolson Personal File

Call: HV8144.F43G85 1990

Location: Microforms

Note: 12 reels 35 mm. microfilm.

Desc: The Louis Nichols Official and Confidential File and the Clyde Tolson Personal File housed in the FBI Central Files at the FBI Building in Washington, DC,

--are two of the files that, for unexplained reasons, contain sensitive FBI internal documents, but escaped the purges of such documents ordered by the Director on a regular basis.

As J. Edgar Hoover's liaison to the media and Congress, Louis Nichols, was the Bureau's third most powerful official.

The Nichols files contain information on such topics as:


relations with the media--both hostile, (such as the Chicago Tribune), and friendly, (such as Reader's Digest);

activists critical of FBI conduct during the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Raid of 1940;

dealings with other intelligence agencies;

FBI assistance to such prominent Americans as John D. Rockefeller III, Robert Montgomery, and Charles Edison;

and derogatory information on prominent citizens, including Dwight Eisenhower.

The surviving documents of the Clyde Tolson Personal File encompass the period from January 1965 until May 1972 and consist of memos Hoover addressed to Tolson and other FBI officials on matters on which he wanted action.

Included in the Tolson files are documents recording both Lyndon Johnson's and Richard Nixon's requests for foreign intelligence operations (thus bypassing the CIA) and their political uses of the FBI, as in Nixon's attempts to change the Supreme Court and discredit the Washington press corps.

Other documents provide information on Kent State, the civil rights movement, and the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra's son.

A guide to the collection is available and contains a history of the two files. It also provides both reel and subject indexes.


Nichols, Louis B.;

Tolson, Clyde A.;

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation;

Political Crimes and Offenses;

Louisbourg Papers;

Expedition of 1745.

Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms.--KT."

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 13:52:34 -0500

Subject: Re: Kalamazoo, Ickes

From: mtsee

Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 13:52:34 -0500

Max: Thank you for the interesting information. Speaking of Emperor Hirohito, author Joe Klaas's book "Amelia Earhart Lives" I believe was Federal court ordered taken off the shelves in the 1970's. It is alleges he to have lost dearly in revenue. His hypothesis is somewhat that Earhart And Noonan survived in the Marianna Islands, were charged with spying by Japanese military and taken into custody and sent to Japan to spent the wartime years in Hirohito's palace.

I have come to come to believe possible they were sent there during the savage American devistation of Saipan during the invasion. See

The Japanese attempted to evacuate 1000's of citizens in overloaded Japanese merchant vessels which our submarines laid in wait for northwest of the island Saipan.

Joe, a World War II P-47 pilot in Europe spent several years in a Russian (I believe) prison camp and survived a death march. you may wish to contact him at

His group are still pondering the Hirohito scenario. They had some information concerning Americans released from Japanese prison camps at the war's end. He and I have had long advisary discussions on our mutually exclusive opinions. His allegations I have never taken lightly.

Merrill T. See"

[Reflecting back on the e-mails above this one, we recall Mr. Kenn N. Thomas had referred to how one author name was "something like Jack Hines" and that "one of the people around See knew about the Chi Chi book". I've also done a follow-up on Mr. Thomas's reference to the Louis B. Nichols FBI file, and will post this information as it arrives, on this same file.

Thus, there will be further data on this radio ad, possible books and possible authors, including e-mails from Mr. Thomas, Merrill T, as this is warranted. For now, we have seen two possibilities, beginning with that immediately above--the similarity between "Joe Klass" and "Jack Hines" (referred to earlier by Mr. Thomas as a possible person associated with Mr. See, who may have written a book on Chi Chi Jima or on events related to Japanese cannibalism in the Pacific, Earhart, and/or the possible scandal involving Bush in WW2.

The second possibility, is that the title "Black Gold"--rather than "Immaculate Deception"-- could still be the title, and even that Mr. Bean could have been an author of a novel set, in East Texas in the 1930s, that referred (in a negative way) to H. L. Hunt. The original may at one time have come further up into the future, into WW2, and referred to those possibly attached to Mr. Hunt during the War--persons who may have engaged in treasonous acts in behalf of Big Oil, ala Allen Dulles, the Bush family attorney.

If the latter is the case, a similar scenario to Immaculate Deception's possible fate speculated on elsewhere in this site, could have occurred: a novel that was too harsh in its attack on Mr. Hunt's associates, re-done by a Hunt-controlled publisher.

It will be interesting to communicate with Mr. Bean and his associates, as well as with Gordon McLendon and his associates, referred to elsewhere in this Site.--mcs]

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