George Bush and Me


We've climbed some peaks

that dwarf this flawless cone

seeming to float above Japan,

the whitest clouds turned drab

against its lustrous sides.

Its calm,

its solitude and strength

all say

some things will abide,

if not

the fruitless, transient labors

of our lives.

a haiku

Fuji humbles us--

its strength and lasting beauty--

our own fleeting lives.

--Jimmy Carter, "Flying Into Japan and Seeing Mount Fuji Above the Clouds"

Mount Fujiyama is a gigantic geological landmark. It can be seen for miles and miles, coming into Japan, either from the sea or from the air. It can even be seen from Chi Chi Jima island.

According to official military records, on September 2, 1944, George Bush bailed out of his airplane over Chi Chi Jima . But also, according to those same records, no U.S. raids were carried out on Chi Chi Jima between July 4, 1944 and February 1945. George Bush maintains that his plane was on fire when he bailed out of it, and that this is why he didn't attempt to water land his plane, as he allegedly had off Guam two months before. But the man who flew closest to Bush during the Chi Chi Jima raid insists George Bush's plane was not on fire at the time Bush bailed out of it. If Bush's plane wasn't on fire, according to the people involved, he should have water landed--again, as he had allegedly done off Guam. But the question that is really raised here is, did George Bush really land his plane in the water off Guam--or did he land it on Guam itself? The reason why this is an interesting question is that, at the time, Guam was held by the Japanese.

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