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Kimmery, Anthony. Covert Action Information Bulletin Summer 1992. Here appears yet another indicator that Bush may have been OSS in World War II. At Yale, he worked closely with the CIA's full-time recruiter. At that time, CIA was headed by Allen Dulles. Says this source, it's unlikely this guy didn't at least talk to Bush about joining CIA.

Of course, that wouldn't have been necessary if he'd been OSS all along. The OSS, like the CIA, sometimes "impersonated" military personnel. If Dulles, as an OSS bigwig in 1942 and Prescott's attorney and business partner at Standard Oil and affiliated banking firms, got George in as a pilot at 18--against Naval regs.--maybe it was because he got him in as OSS. That would help explain why he and his crew were taken to the Lexington on June 19, instead of back to their own carrier, the normal path for crews who had merely water landed due to engine trouble after a short flight--the official version of events. The Lexington, as we've sometimes seen, was the official intelligence hub of the Seventh Fleet branch under Admiral Mitscher.

So, at Yale, Bush worked closely with the CIA recruiter. And never even got interested in joining, until, in 1976, he was suddenly appointed to be DCI--Director of the whole Agency? Give me a break! Obviously, no President is going to trust such a position to an inexperienced non-member of the CIA!

Consortium News

This website lists what could be described as a "legitimate conspiracy" group that investigates stories sometimes appearing on PBS-TV's Frontline program. Robert Parry, one member, has written, produced and sourced two books and at least two Frontline"s on the subject of the 1980 "October Surprise" scandal and has continued to investigate it. In 1998, his latest book on that subject was The October Surprise X-Files, (see reference below), so named because Parry located a group of previously-classified US government documents in a former women's restroom-turned-storage area ignored by a Congressional investigating group in 1993.

(Turns out the chief counsel of the Committee had ties to BCCI that he had to cover up.)

Other items by other members of this "consortium" have also appeared on Frontline. This is real-world conspiracy. There's plenty of that kind of thing around. No need to manufacture things!

Excerpts from Lyle Courtsal website's Annotated Bibliography:

Following is an excerpt from the Annotated Bibliography that appears at the "dopewar" website set up, maintained and copyrighted by Lyle Courtsal. This is only an excerpt, with references to books that have the greatest relevance to the focus of this website. It should be understood, however, that a particular book's central theme should not be construed as endorsed by me in listing it here; rather, only a particular point--or even a bit of information--may be all I'm really "endorsing" from any given book below. Also, the fact a book doesn't appear below, though it appears in Courtsal's original Annotated Bibliography at his site, should not be construed to mean I see that book as worthless; rather, merely that it is not as directly relevant to the theme of this website. Texts are not listed alphabetically or in any other set order. The annotations are Lyle Courtsal's not mine.

The Power Elite C. Wright Mills (NY: Oxford UP, 1956).

The Criminal Elite: The Sociology of White Collar Crime J. W. Coleman (NY: St. Martin's 1985).

Asylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and other Inmates Erving Goffman. (NY: Doubleday 1990). Excellent perspective on mandated hospitalization as incarceration; also applies to court-mandated in-patient drug treatment, though not as intensively.

Alternative Pursuits for America's Third Century: A Resource Book on New Perceptions, Processes, and Programs with Implications for the Prevention of Drug Abuse Ed. by Louisa Messolonghites (Rockville, MD: GPO, 1974). One must wonder why these ideas weren't integrated into the programs of the "War on Drugs".

A Systems Approach to Drug Treatment Freda Adler (Philadelphia, PA: Dorrance, 1974). Recovery systems and support in the community. Complete, competent, and vastly underutilized perspective and method.

Sane Asylum: Inside the Delancey Street Foundation Charles Hampden-Turner (San Francisco, CA: San Francisco Co., 1976). Good paradigm for constructive transformation, though a little intense. Also those with intensive post-traumatic stress fell through the cracks without getting the specialized care they needed. There will be much more of this syndrome in our culture of abuse as time goes on.

The Authoritarian Personality T. Adorno, et. al. (NY: Harper, 1950). Beautiful and self- explanatory. F scale test is a tried and true test for dangerous authoritarian characteristics.

Collected Works (including Vol.1: The Neurotic Personality of our Time; New Ways in Psychoanalysis; Our Inner Conflicts. Vol.2: Self Analysis; Neurosis and Human Growth Karen Horney (NY: Norton, 1963). Vol#1 is great text on manic compulsivity and projective inversion. Great for understanding your local parasitic fascist elites.

Aion; Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self; Collected Works,Vol.9, pt.2 Bollingen Series C.G. Jung (NY: Pantheon, 1973)

Anti-Semitism: A Disease of the Mind Theodore Isaac Ruben M.D. (NY: Continuum, 1990). On racism, sexism, classism, and the psychology of propaganda.

Beyond the Brain: Birth, Death, and Transcendence in Psychotherapy. Stanislav Grof (NY: State UP, 1985)

Operators and Things: The Inner Life of a Schizophrenic Barbara O'Brien (Cambridge, MA: Arlington, 1958)

The Trojan Horse Steve Weissman & North American Conference on Latin America (NACLA). (San Francisco, CA: Ramparts, 1974) On the IMF and CIA organization of various fascist coups worldwide. Also talks about the Malaysian mass slaughter(1965), an operation that induced 2/3 of the population of that country to slaughter the other 1/3.

Corporate Crime and Violence; Big Business Power and the Abuse of the Public Trust Russell Mokhiber (San Francisco, CA: Sierra, 1988) On the crooks that got away and why.

Secret Agenda: The U.S. Government, Nazi Scientists, and Project Paperclip: 1945-1990 Linda Hunt (NY: St. Martin's, 1991)

Hitler's Secret War in South America: 1939-1945 Stanley Hilton (Baton Rouge, LA: State UP, 1981). On the historical roots of Operation Condor. For information on more recent Condor operations, see the Globe & Mail June 19,1993 final Toronto ed., Pg.1, A 4, on Mr. Almada in "Paraguay; A History of a Dirty War," Cleveland Plain-Dealer June 13, 1993; and Covert Action Quarterly #50. The activities of a Commander Condor is documented in the book Revolutionizing Motherhood.

The Brown Network: The Activities of the Nazis in Foreign Countries World Committee for the Victims of German Fascism (NY :Knight, 1936)

Gifts of Deceit: Sun Myung Moon, Tongsun Park, and the Korean Scandal Boettcher & Freedman (NY:Holt, Rinehart, Winston (1980) (SP,E,PS,Sp,Cr)

Thought Control in Pre-War Japan Richard Mitchell (Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP, 1976).

The Man Who Knew Too Much Richard Russell (NY: Carroll, 1992) Excellent work on the behavior of U.S. intelligence agencies as exposed in the Kennedy assassination conspiracy. The section on Eugene Dinkins is chilling. Mr. Nagell was recently murdered.

The Myth of Soviet Military Supremacy Tom Gervasi (NY: Harper, 1986). Reveals how false information on soviet military strength was used to manipulate the American public into sanctioning a policy of aggressive expansionism.

The Fire This Time: U.S. War Crimes in the Gulf Ramsey Clark (NY: Emeryville, CA:Thunder's Mouth, 1992). On George Bush's biggest crimes against humanity. Project Censored Yearbook 1998 has an article listed that tells how the Department of Defense 'lost' the medical files of 700,000 Gulf War veterans. How convenient.

Less Than Slaves: Jewish Forced Labor and the Quest for Compensation Benjamin Ferencz (Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1979). Relates Nazism and corporate economic predation.

The Ukrainian Holocaust of 1933 Vasyl Hryshko (Toronto,CAN: Bahrainy, 1983). On the state's use of deprivation as a means of mass starvation. One must wonder why the U.S. government studied them intensively in 1985.

The Other Nuremberg Arnold Brackman (NY: Morrow, 1987). On the prosecution of the Japanese for running drug monopolies and using biological warfare, something the UK and US have been doing for awhile now.

The Age of Triage Richard L.Rubenstein (Boston: Beacon, 1983). On the tactics of elite theft of peasant land in Ireland and England and the mass starvations that resulted. Interesting perspective on the "three strikes, you're out" laws currently being legitimized in the US. It wrongly validates that it is OK for some people to die.

Friendly Fascism Bertram Gross (NY: Evans, 1980). On why parasitic fascists smile (we're being scammed and we don't get the joke.) The crocodile smiles because he tastes fresh blood.

The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism Herman & Chomsky (Boston: South End, 1979).

The Iran-Contra Scandal: The Declassified History Kornbluh and Bryne (NY: New, 1993). Verifies connections between Bush-Reagan administrations and illegal guns for drug operations on the ground in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua (22-30, 122-134).

The Cult of Counterterrorism: The Weird World of Spooks, Counterterrorists, Adventurers, and the Not Quite Professionals Neil Livingston (NY: Free, 1989). "Counterterrorism" plus George Schultz's doctrine of "preemptive counterinsurgency" equals revolutionary fascist insurgency. Now we know who the real subversives are.

Moonstruck: A Memoir of My Life in a Cult Allen Wood (NY: Morrow, 1979). Author details attending conferences and doing support work for the World Anti-Communist League in South Korea and other places.

Agents of Repression Ward Churchill (Boston: South End, 1988). A good history of the tactics of political repression utilized by the FBI.

The Campaign Against the Underground Press. Ed. by Geoffrey Rips (San Francisco, CA: City Lights, 1981).

Jensen, Carl and Project Censored staff. Censored: The News That Didn't Make the News--and Why. (Chapel Hill, NC: Shelburne, 1993). Documents that prescription drug fatalities outstripped illegal drug fatalities 8,000 to 3,000 in 1992. Also very complete on the systemic criminal activities of the Reagan-Bush insanity.

---------.The Project Censored Yearbook; The News That Didn't Make the News--and Why 1994. Documents a study that shows that the DARE program does not reduce teen drug and alcohol use. Of course, it is a great 700 million dollar back door subsidy for your local police. Do you feel safer?

The COINTELPRO Papers Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall (Boston: South End, 1988). History of a national program of political repression undertaken by the FBI.

Blacklisted News: Secret Histories from Chicago '68 to 1984 Blacklisted News c/o Overthrow (NY: PO Box 392, Canal St. Station, NY 10012 or Bleecker, 1983). Chock full of stories about US politics that will round out your political perspective. Priceless!

Age of Surveillance. Frank Donner (NY: Knopf, Random, 1980). History of the mechanisms of mass repression by the U.S., masquerading as justice and "law and order".

The CIA: A Forgotten History William Blum (London, Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Zed, 1986).Detailed overview of CIA operations; 1945-1980. He also more recently wrote Killing Hope on the same subject.

The United States Penetration of Brazil Jan K. Black (Philadelphia: UP, 1977). Excellent historical reference on the economic and political tactics and motivations of the 1964 coup in Brazil which replaced a popular democracy with a military dictatorship. Great work on a paradigm of criminal political behavior which left Brazil so indebted some analysts wonder if the country will ever run in the black again. Great example of neo-colonial resource and capital extraction.

The Hanna Industrial Complex Edie Black (NY: North American Congress on Latin America, 1969). Shows how resource grabbing was a major contributing factor and reason for the Brazilian coup of 1964.

Argentina: 1943-1976 Donald Hodges (Albuquerque, N.M.: UP, 1976).

Crucifixion by Power: Essays on Guatemalan National Social Structure, 1944-1966 Richard N. Adams (Austin, TX.:U P, 1970).

The Sovereign State of I T T. Anthony Sampson (NY: Stein, 1973). Deals with the multinational corporation as autonomous dictatorial state, especially as this relates to the US sponsored overthrow of the popularly elected Allende government in Chile.

Secret Armies Jacques Bergier (Indianapolis, IN: Merrill, 1975). On the collusion of private and governmental security armies in preserving "order" for corporate economic predation.

The Lawless State; The Crimes of the U.S. Intelligence Agencies Morton Halperin (NY: Penguin, 1976).

The War Conspiracy Peter Dale Scott (Indianapolis,Ind.; NY:Merrill, 1972). On how peace negotiations were systematically sabotaged by military aggessions during the Vietnam debacle. Also mentions Harry Anslinger's cover-up of Taiwanese opium running into the U.S.. Shows how veiled provocation is used by elements of the military to initiate warfare.

Blank Check: The Pentagon's Black Budget Tim Weiner (NY: Warner, 1990).

A Secret War: Americans in China, 1944-1945 Oliver Caldwell (Carbondale, IL: Southern UP, 1972). Details the political machinations which resulted in the Post-WW II China Lobby.

Out of Control: The Story of the Reagan Administration's Secret War in Nicaragua, the Illegal Arms Pipeline, and the Contra Drug Connection Leslie Cockburn (NY: Atlantic, 1987). Describes Oliver North's coordinating role in the contra resupply operations, which included facilitating large-scale cocaine running into the U.S.. This book is probably the best book on the South American portion of the contra resupply network. See also The Big White Lie and articles on ex-DEA agent Celerino Castillos' investigations in El Salvador, detailed in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer June 17, 1994; Former agent accuses North. Mr. North also has a past history in Vietnam.

L.A. Secret Police Mike Rothmiller & Ivan Goldman (NY: Pocket, 1992). On the attempted assassination of an L.A. police officer investigating CIA-supported cocaine running; an aspect of the Iran-Contra scandal. Also good on what life as a cop can sometimes become.

Inside the Company; CIA Diary Phillip Agee (NY: Stonehill, 1975). Good work on the indoctrination and training of a CIA agent. [Important to note here that, in one of my scenarios involving General Bowen, also former OSS/CIA and his book Immaculate Deception, Agee may have been an inspiration for Bowen's original attempt at publication, circa 1980 (with his book as the source of the radio ad(?)And Robert Maxwell-- who was an Israeli double-agent in British intelligence, arch blackmailer and politician exposer in Britain via such ads, and also infamous as to not keeping his word to publish promised texts, ala Rumanian and Hungarian Red dictators' biographies--could be both advertiser and announcer. (One possible scenario. See also my sources in the Annotated Bibliography for Tim, George Bush and Me on this website for more details. This is also detailed in "A Working Title, Author and Source" in the same book.--mcs.]

On the Run Philip Agee (Seacaucus, NJ: Lyle Stuart, 1987). Deals with the tactics used to harass and invalidate Mr. Agee after he left the CIA and how he dealt with them.[See also references to David Ferrie's claims in the JFK "literature" (however semi-bogus the conclusions, his statements on this point stand); and also Fred Haobsch's descriptions of his experiences as "former" CIA, as told to ABC's Nightline and as cited by me in the chapter "Fred Haobsch's Iraq-gate Charges" in Tim, George Bush and Me.--mcs].

A Full Service Bank: How B CC I Stole Billions Around the World Adams and Frantz (NY: Pocket, 1991). Reveals the mechanisms that the CIA uses to evade congressional oversight when financing covert military operations overseas.

Banking Scandals: The S and L's and B C C I Robert Long (NY: Wilson, 1993).

Who Robbed America?: A Citizen's Guide to the S and L Scandal Michael Walden and Public Citizen's Congress Watch (NY: Random, 1990).

Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob Dan Moldea (NY: Viking, 1985). On how a grade B actor became a puppet dictator.

No Left Turns Joseph L. Schott (NY: Ballantine, 1975) Describes work in Hoover's FBI and how it sucked.

Deadly Secrets: The CIA-Mafia War against Castro and the Assassination of JFK Hinckle and Turner (NY: Thunder's Mouth, 1992). Superb introductory section on George Bush's 30 year criminal career... Originally titled The Fish is Red.

If Women Counted: A New Feminist Economics Marilyn Waring (San Francisco, CA: Harper, 1988). Also originally titled Counting for Nothing.

Bailout: The Bankrupting of America Richard DeSoto (Danbury, Ct.:Futura, 1992).

U.S. Power and the Multinational Corporation Robert Gilpin (NY: Basic, 1975).

Thy Will be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil Gerard Colby (NY: Harper, 1995). The white man's slaughter of Native Americans has not stopped and the motivations overt and hidden remain unchanged.

Hitler: The Occult Messiah Gerald Suster (NY: St. Martin's, 1981).

The Dawn of Magic Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier (London: Gibbs, 1963: Panther, 1964). Puts the third reich in perspective as far as it's importance to achieving long-term global occultic goals this century in part 2. Explains how large-scale bloodshed is mythically rationalized by the occultically deceived. Also goes into the mixing of technology and occultic practice which occurred under the reich. Check out other books by the authors.

Hidden Terrors: The Truth about U.S. Police Operations in South America A.J.Langguth (NY: Pantheon, 1978).

Requiem for a Woman's Soul Omar Rivabella (NY: Random House, 1986).

The Criminal Personality Vol.1 S. Yochelson & S. Samenow (NY: Aronson, 1976).Goes into the even distribution of sociopathic behavior across the classes in the US.

What Cops Know Connie Fletcher (NY: Villard, 1991).Interesting insights into social behavior in the US.

Complexity: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos M. Mitchell Waldrop (NY : Simon, 1992). Interesting work on science discovering a wholistic universe that was always there. Also provides useful insights into the practical applications of multifactorial analysis in economics and other areas.

[The following are excerpts from the list of fiction that Mr. Courtsall presents]:

An Absence of Light David L. Lindsey (NY: Doubleday, 1993). A fictionalized account of a domestic Iran-Contra intelligence/ drug-running operations' runin with an urban police department. Houston: Bush country....Hmmmm..

Murder in the CIA Margaret Truman (NY: Random, 1987).

Brotherhood of the Rose David Morrell (NY: St.Martin's , 1984). Describes an international spy support organization...."

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