Max Faulkner Standridge is the pen name of Max Calvin Standridge. He is a 36 year business veteran who has been writing for the past 25 years. He has written numerous poems, letters, and a novelette, Moonstuff; and has researched and written two non-fiction books:

The Great Old Record of the Grand Old Party: Cheating? (Or, Where Was Herbert?)

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Tim, George Bush and Me: The Undercurrents In All Our Lives, a combination of a memoire about his late brother and himself and an investigative memoire about his search for the source of a strange radio book ad he heard in 1980 that asked: "What Vice-Presidential candidate landed his plane on an enemy-held island and delivered a message to the Japanese for Standard Oil?"

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See recently received e-mails that help to confirm the existence of this 1980 radio book ad and publicity.

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For another possible verification of the charges suggested above, go to "The Bush-Nazi Connection" by Robert Lederman of the Village Voice

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He is currently at work on a third non-fiction work:

The Diplomats, Dad and Me: The Blurring of the Lines, a work inspired by his life with his late father, who was in the Naval Construction Battalions (Cbs--"Seabees") during World War II, and by the various ways that fields and ideas overlap in life. Did Balkan diplomats change the course of World War II in 1941 as they dealt with Hitler pertaining to his pending invasions of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia?

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A fourth work for which he has done some research over the years, is Looks. A product of a dialog between himself and the staff at Ms. in 1971, it is an exploration of the foibles of evaluating people on the basis of their appearance.

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Max is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and has participated in Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Pulaski County (Arkansas). He is also active in the Arkansas UFO Discussion Group, along with Jerry Blackburn and Lou Farrish, as well as participating in some activities of the Unitarian Universalist Church on Reservoir Road in Little Rock.

Max was one of the first males to subscribe to Ms. magazine in 1971, has also been an occasional member of the National Organization for Women over the past several years.

He trained as a paralegal with the late Charles Steward, who also acted as his proctor for correspondence courses in paralegal and business studies.

Max attended Lyon (formerly Arkansas) College in Bateville, Arkansas from 1969-71, He then worked in his family's retail and wholesale business until 1973, when, in the aftermath of a strange "encounter"-like experience, he suffered a nervous breakdown, at which point he moved to Little Rock's State Hospital for three months. He then attended Draughon's School of Business for a year, where he earned a Certificate in Sales and Marketing in 1975. He simultaneously worked at Sterling Department Store in Little Rock.

In 1976, he moved to Houston, where he became an Assistant Manager with Meldisco (K-Mart) Shoes, a ticket writer and inventory control clerk for Toys R Us, then a Central Supply inventory technician at Hermann Hospital. He continued to follow up on his interest in philosophy and psychology by taking a non-credit evening class at the University of Houston and attending a Seminar conducted by the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston.

In 1981-83, Max read voluminously, researched a number of topics, and began to compile data on coincidence and synchronicity. He'd kept a journal, recorded his impressions on a number of topics, and had some published in letters to the editors at Newsweek, the Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat, in 1969-72, as well as poetry written for The Lyric, for which he won a prize in 1971.

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In January, 1984, Max moved back to Little Rock, where he was met by his brother Tim and his father Bill Standridge, in his old car on a rainy night. In ensuing weeks, he went back to work at Sterling and as courier at Baptist Medical Center in Little Rock from 1984 until 1987. He continued to work at Sterling until 1990.

During the same time, Max was writing and researching for the books described above. In 1984, Max also passed the Arkansas State employee clerical exam. In 1988, he completed 6 credit hours at University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) in legal studies. In 1992, Max attended a weekend seminar affiliated with the U A L R School of Social Work, conducted by Dr. Joel Levey and Michelle Levey of Innerworks Technologies of Seattle. It was fascinating to Max because it dealt in more detail with the Eastern philosphical themes and synchronicity that he'd been interested in since the 1960s, when he'd been given a book, "Magic Story: The Message of a Master" by his late grandfather; and had begun the study of ESP as espoused by the late Harold Sherman of ESP Research Associates of Little Rock.

Max's brother Tim died in 1995, and, since Tim had always wanted Max to finish college, Max decided to do so in his memory. He enrolled at UALR and completed the Associate of Arts program he'd begun in 1969 at Lyon College and completed in 1988 at UALR. He formally graduated with his Associate of Arts in General Studies at UALR in 1996. Then, in 1997, Max worked with the faculty and staff at Charter Oak State College (COSC) in New Britain Connecticut, and also with that of Southern Career Institute-NIPAS in Boca Raton, Florida and earned an Associate in Science in Paralegal Studies at NIPAS in July, 1997 and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Individualized Studies (a mix of business, legal and liberal arts courses geared toward research skills) at COSC in September 1997.

Max took graduate level correspondence work in California College for Health Sciences' Master of Science degree program in Community Health and Wellness Promotion in National City, CA, in 1998. He was also admitted full-time to UALR Graduate School in 1998.

In September, 1998, Max's father died; he has been writing about him ever since.

In June, 1999, Max published a possible explanation of the famous McMinnville "object" in the online publication "CNI News". He also appeared as a call-in guest interview on the Sightings on the Radio show at that time at the request of host Jeff Rense. In January 2000, West Coast reporter Kelly Kennedy ran an article synopsizing Max's research on McMinnville.

In October, 1999, Max completed a second bachelor's degree at Charter Oak State College, a Bachelor of Arts in History. In May, 2000, Max was awarded the Master of Arts Degree in Technical and Expository Writing by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. His thesis, on file at the Ottenheimer Library at that University, is pulled from his book Tim, George Bush and Me: The Undercurrents In All Our Lives, which was copyrighted in June 1998. The thesis is titled "Tim and Me: The Undercurrents In All Our Lives".

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Max is single, never married and lives alone. He has publication agreements or ongoing arrangements with Ken Thomas's on-line edition of Steamshovel Press for a 1500-word piece about his "World War II treason" material about George Bush (from his second book Tim, George Bush and Me: The Undercurrents in All Our Lives); and with Fate magazine for another 1500-word piece, this one from "Phoenix Sunset" (also from Tim, George Bush and Me).

In addition to paralegal and business experience, and experience as a researcher and writer, Max has done the following that involved learning new skills:

Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 in 21 Days by Laura LeMay

Dynamics in Document Design by Karen A. Schriver.

Jpeg and Gif images of the McMinnville "object" transmitted around the internet to, among others, "Sightings on the Radio" host Jeff Rense, UFO investigators Kal Korff and Jerome Clark, Swedish UFOlogist Svahn Claus and French UFOlogist Mic Granger

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PCX and BMP photos of Allen Dulles and Amelia Earhart transmitted in conjunction with communications with Webster Griffin Tarpley, who was a co-author, with Anton Chaitkin, of The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush (New York: Executive Intelligence Review, 1991).

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