Under Surveillance: The American Jewish Community, 1984

A number of George Bush's secret activities evidently, when exposed, serve to water down the 1984 election, as to what it reveals about the real patriotism of the Reagan/Bush Administration as to the privacy rights sacred in our laws. On May 15, 1984, the then-Vice-President, acting under unprecedented authority granted him by the Reagan Cabinet, established a surveillance of virtually the entire Jewish community in the United States (Loftus and Aarons 419-24).

Such surveillance was undoubtedly one reason why Reagan/Bush triumphed so heavily in the 1984 election. It also reveals a very important, hidden characteristic of George Bush: anti-Semitism, or ties to powerful persons who have anti-Semitic interests.

My research has revealed that those ties go all the way back to the Second World War. George Bush's own activities--as well as those of his father and his business associates at Standard Oil--including Allen Dulles, William Draper, William Farrish and James Forrestal--were oriented much more toward treason and treason-like activities than any of them would have cared to reveal at the time.

Taking a desperate gamble in the spring and summer of 1944--before, during and after the GOP conventions going into the Presidential election--Dulles, Nelson Rockefeller and Forrestal attempted to put together a major breakthrough in the diplomatic arena for GOP candidate Dewey to utilize in the campaign against Roosevelt. Concerned that a re-elected FDR would undoubtedly prosecute Standard for its treason in WW2 to the full extent of the law once the war was over, Forrestal et al resolved to cut a deal with the Axis at the last minute and present this diplomatic coup to Dewey first, in a way that would allow him to undercut FDR's position.

FDR had maintained that the only workable method of dealing with the Axis during WW2 was to demand an "unconditional surrender," with no terms even considered until after hostilities had ceased. Dulles, however, kept up an ongoing dialog with the Axis behind FDR's back, almost from the first time he took his post as OSS station chief in Switzerland in November, 1942. Not only did he work on the famous "Operation Sunrise" negotiations, but also elaborate attempts to negotiate a "coalition" government in Germany that would kill Hitler and declare peace with the Allies and a renewed war against Russia.

Dewey, had this plot succeeded, would have been given a powerful new platform against FDR--and the tool for this, Dewey and Forrestal's arrangements, via Standard Oil couriers, Vatican couriers and OSS personnel would allow the latter to have major influence on the new Dewey Administration, to the extent of buying immunity from prosecution after the war.

Thus, Bush, in reality, has long had ties to anti-Semites and neo-Nazis and Fascists. This is revealed in a number of other aspects of Bush's personal life and political career. These include his ties with known WW2 fascist emigrés during the 1980s vice-presidential and presidential campaigns and earlier. And now we see that those "ties" manifested themselves in actual anti-Semitic behavior in the form of this precisely focused surveillance of American Jews.

It was a major misuse of America's National Security structures and its surveillance system, by an American vice-president who had already, by March 25, 1981, been given "unprecedented powers" as a Vice-President-- powers, that, at the National Security functions level, had the effect of making Bush an "acting president" as vice-president, practically throughout Reagan's terms (Tarpley and Chaitkin 11-69).

By the time Bush had taken office as President in January 1989, he had surveilled Jews for over six years. Satellites, computers and advanced data gathering techniques of many kinds had been used--all, unbeknownst to the American people. It was a scandal of monstrous proportions, a violation of the Constitutional rights of the Jewish people, in effect.

This unprecedented surveillance of American Jews by a presidential administration was also apparently politically effective. It allowed the Administration to interfere with political activities by Jewish Americans in behalf of the Mondale-Ferraro ticket. It allowed it to also anticipate Mondale's political plans via telephone and other surveillance of Mondale-Ferraro supporters in the Jewish community.

This massive surveillance of US Jews was carried out, according to this same section in Loftus and Aarons, via the use of Britain's MI-6. Bush got around the law by using Britain's secret service to spy on US Jewish citizens. He then "swapped" US intelligence on Britain's Jews, with that which Britain had obtained via surveillance of US Jews.

In the aftermath of the 1984 election, Mondale/Ferraro personnel made a couple of statements in the mass media that raised my eyebrow at the time, but didn't fully "register" with me until I read the Loftus and Aarons material.

In an offscreen interview with a national TV news reporter, Mondale said:

"We believe that we were under surveillance. We saw a van several times, and there was a helicopter."

In a television conversation after the election, a reporter commented that Mondale/Ferraro campaign workers in New York had told her that they had, at one point, picked up an office telephone and "heard people with British accents on the other end." This evidently was some activity by the MI-6 personnel, authorized or allowed by Bush.

The surveillance was apparently used to help ensure a Reagan-Bush victory in 1984, along with bribes to African-American ministers not to provide rides to the polls for members of their congregations, especially in New Jersey. (In a conversation on this with a group of reporters in New Jersey in 1989, Reagan campaign manager Ed Rollins quipped "yes, that's quite common: it's called 'walking around money', in reference to recent allegations that GOP operatives had engaged in that tactic in New Jersey. Rollins soon said that such activities had no connection with the campaign of Governor Christie Todd Whitman in 1989. Since the only other campaign with which Rollins had been heavily involved in New Jersey, had been the earlier Reagan campaign there in 1984, simple deduction tells one that this is what he was recalling.) Other tactics used by Reagan and Bush (described elsewhere on this Site, including "Notes on the Irish in America: A Review of Far and Away") included network "projections" across the nation that "called" the 1984 presidential election too soon. And, Jews were not the only targets of Reagan/Bush Administration surveillance:: the Maryknoll nuns of Maryland evidently at some point were under surveillance by Reagan/Bush operatives. (World, Gazette).

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