Hidden Sub and Its Possible Repercussions

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Subject: RE: Prince Bernhard --links and posisble implications for my research

Hello to all,

:Like the recent e-mail re: the Wellstone memorial website that refers to my Site, this is new material:

here, is a reference to a submarine that disappeared on the day of the last assassination attempt on Hitler, July 20, 1944--a date that may be important in my research. This indicates that there were larger activities going on around that activity, including secret and illegal negotiations, helping to confirm Loftus and Aarons' findings in Secret War Against the Jews and also earlier findings reported by Charles Higham in his books Trading With the Enemy and American Swastika (all these books are cited elsewhere on this Site) of scattered attempts at illegal negotiations between America's Right and big corporations and the Axis in WW2.

This data/information is still being filtered, but is exciting. New developments here.

I wonder if there might be a Transradio Company connection to the Chichi Jima mission of GHW Bush of (July 4? September 2?) 1944? What "secret weapon" connection might there have been, and does this Transradio knowledge of Japanese transmission of Swedish-based messages in 1942-4 suggest anything (referred to by Higham in Trading, 105-7 -- again, cited elsewhere on this Site).

The new "secret weapons" scenario has an additional possible "reinforcer" from a strange source:

David Hatcher Childress and Renato Vesco's Manmade UFOs: 1944-1994: Fifty Years of Suppression (Stelle, IL: AUP, 1994. 124-7, 134-7) suggests to an informed reader of my Site that the Nazis were talking to Allen Dulles about their secret weapons in 1944-5, and this may be buttressed by the Chi Chi Jima mission's murkiness, and by recent (August 2002) e-mail postings here, at UFO Updates Site, which apparently is no longer free; and here, for the original Web article to the effect that Cordell Hull had seen strange looking" preserved bodies in a Capitol building sub-basement in DC some time before WW2 Hull had been US Secretary of State until his death in 1944.

Does this "connect" to alleged ancient Tibetan knowledge of "Vimana" flying machines? Childress asserts in other books that the ancients seemed to have used some variation on a primitive ramjet combined with a cyclical movement of mercury to rotate some lightweight "engine", and says German expeditions visited Tibet in the late-'30s. (Childress, DH. Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis. Stelle, IL: AUP, 1993. See also: Hasllund, Hilling. Men and Gods in Mongolia. 1935: London: Kegan Paul; Stelle, Il: AUP, 1993. Trans. repr. Trade paper; and Illion, Theodore. In Secret Tibet and Darkness Over Tibet. Both books: 2d ed. n.d., Berlin. Stelle, IL: AUP, 1993. Trans. repr. Trade paper.)

Does it in some way also connect to the strange "creatures" I've illustrated with animated GIF images on this Site? Click here for those. (Allow two minutes for the images to load, and use your horizontal and vertical scroll bars as necessary for your browser to obtain all the images--they're all there.)

Or is the connection more conventional? Was the body Hull saw that of the Pedro Mountain mummy (one of the images in the animated GIF above), discovered by miners in Wyoming in 1932? It was long a sideshow item until its owner, Ivan T. Goodman, died in 1950, when it disappeared on falling into the hands of a "Leonard Wadler". (1950 is an interesting time-frame for such a body to "disappear," coming, as it did, on the heels of the publication of the infamous Frank Scully book on the "original" saucer crash in New Mexico, at Aztec.) That body was x-rayed by Dr. Harvey Shapiro of Harvard and the Smithsonian in New York and DC, sometime between the late 1930s and 1948. At first, at least, it seemed to reinforce some Indian myths about a "little people" on the Plains in ancient times. Was it stored for a time at a White House sub-basement? Some thought it represented a diminutive adult, others a fetus or infant afflicted with anencephaly, a congenital abnormality that causes adult proportions in some limbs and body parts in babies. Dr. George Gill of the University of Wyoming, on examination of photos of Dr. Shapiro's x-rays in 1979, came to the latter conclusion. (Caspar Star-Tribune July 22 and 24, 1979; Caspar Tribune Herald October 22, 1932; C.J. Cazeau and Stuart D. Scott, Exploring the UnknownNew York: Plenum, 1979. 222. Mysteries of the Unexplained. New York: Reader's Digest Association, 1982. 40-1.)

What secrets are there among Big Money? How much control would Big Energy allow the public to have over information pertaining to potential power systems of some threat to them? German researcher Victor Schauberger, along with some other German scientiests, seems to have produced a potential new power source, as a spin-off of his research into vortex-generating devices for the Nazi war effort. (Childress-Vesco. Manmade UFOs 365). That research, as synopsized by Childress, included the possible creation of "mercury plasma gyros--an electrified mercury vapor in a closed gyro system." (Childress-Vesco. Manmade UFOs 365-6). Is there some extra-terrestrial connection, or is this all terrestrial, though perhaps connected by ancient knowledge? The latter suggests no major Big Energy cover-up, but the former does.

Or is some other, still more conventional explanation available, though perhaps involving greed? Was Dulles misled by the Nazis with claims of things they didn't really have, or anxious to avoid further Axis secret weapons being unleashed? Or was some mix of all these the answer?

In any case, the "sunken sub" of July 20, 1944, referred to in the Site article below, is something, like Devine's claim of having seen Forrestal on Saipan in Summer, 1944, that I'll be looking into.

[Update! The article about the undersea search and the historical background, has finally been found, after years of searching, and far further down on the page, it appears. You have to go under several pages from the web link provided here. To ensure it doesn't disappear again, I'm providing this internal link. Please note that the name of the submarine was "Black Knight," one of the possible titles of the book in the Houston radio ad.]


Max Standridge


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[This link: http://www.bilderberg.org/bernhard.htm --will take you to a very interesting Site article, with several possible repercussions for my research into WW2 "undercurrents". --mcs]

However, that article, as noted toward the end above, is far down on the page. To save the reader time, here is the newest link for the "Trident Search" page about the search for the mysterious sub, which, as pointed out above, was named the "Black Knight": Click Here for the "Black Knight" article's external link. BEFORE CLICKING, PLEASE NOTE: It will appear at the bottom of that page, however. It will be necessary to scroll to the bottom of that page to read the Trident Search report.

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