More on Clinton--and Gore--possible areas of mob links

More on the Mob and interesting possible "ramifications" re: Gore, Clinton, Hillary can be found in David Scheim's Contract On America. NY: Shapolsky, 1988. 358):

[Having noted the Reagan Administration's own abominable record on pursuing organized crime, as well as Reagan's ties to apparent mobsters, Scheim notes the one bright spot in Reagan's otherwise besmirched terms:]

"But there is another, strikingly different side to the Reagan record on organized crime. During his terms as president, federal prosecutors have brought more than one thousand largely successful indictments against Mafia figures throughout the nation. These prosecutions have crippled the Mob's leadership in Boston, Chicago, cleveland, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York, and have struck at most of its other centers of operations.

"Especially damaging were prison sentences of 40 to 100 years handed down to three Mafia family bosses and five key associates in New York City. The convictions were secured by crusading U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani through a bold application of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrup Organizations (RICO) Act against New York branch of the Mafia's National Commission. . . ."

This one bright name in Reagan's Administration, Giuliani, was the target of Hillary Clinton's Senate bid over the past year, though he has since had to drop out of public life due to ill health. Given Bill Clinton's brother Roger's ties to cocaine smuggling a few years back, as well as allegations such as those in Terry Reed's Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, that Clinton was in fact hooked up with the mobsters/secret agents of Iran/Contra scandal fame ala the Mena airport in Arkansas, often cited as a source of drug smuggling in the South.

Interestingly, too, according to Timmerman's article "Whatever Happened To Iraq-gate" cited in my chapter "Fred Haobsch's Iraq-gate Charges", Hillary's Rose Law Firm's ties to Iraq were the motve for the Clinton Administration's setting aside the Iraq-gate investigation so painstakingly developed by Congressman Gonzalez and others in the early '90s--after a strong rhetorical claim by candidate Clinton during the 1992 campaign to pursue such investigations to the hilt. How implicated is Hillary herself in such activities and their possible Mob ties, given the Mob's and CIA's BCCI activities in connection with Iraq-gate? Is this in fact suggested by her targeting one of the few 1980s anti-crime activists in Reagan's Administrations?

A further Mob tie is illustrated by Scheim, in his Chapter Notes, as he describes several instances of Mob control or domination of rock concerts, rock recording studios, and rock groups.

"The Mafia in on "Rare Earth" and "Three Dog Night". After its first album sold two million copies in 1969, the rock group "Rare Earth" faced declining fortunes in the 1970s. And then, with ready cash, entered Joe Ullo, a reputed Mob enforcer from New York who had moved into the rock business. By 1976, reported NBC, Ullo was boasting to associates that he had "taken over a hidden interest" in Rare Earth, by providing "Mob money and Mob muscle" to take care of their debts. The members of the group said "all they knew was that their manager was making deals with people who carry guns."

"In 1978, noted NBC, Ullo was arrested 'for the murder of former basketball star Jack Molinas--and police say members of Rare Earth are luck no one got hurt.' But it was a different story with Ullo's involvement with "Three Dog Night." The group's accountant 'was shot in the arm and paralyzed in what police believe was a dispute over control of Three Dog Night.'...NBC News, 'Segment 3', May 7, 1979." (Scheim 421-2).

"The mob is heavily involved in promoting rock concerts.The 'Super Bowl of Rock' in Chicago featured soem of the biggest rock stars and sold more than $2 million in tickets. According to NBC, 'a federal grand jury is now investigating allegations that the Mob ran these concerts.' Mobsters were suspected of paying city officials to get exclusive use of Soldier Field for concerts, booking rock stars through fronts, and forcing up ticket prices-- 'all part of a huge Mob scheme to make big money in Rock concert business.' Terry Bruner, of the Chicago Better Government Association, noted 'This kind of thing goes on all over the country.' NBC News, 'Segment 3,' May 8, 1979." (Scheim 422).

Memphis, Tennessee, Hot Springs and West Memphis, Arkansas and Tunica, Mississippi are all beneficiaries of gambling and horse-racing. According to Scheim:

"Marcello's influence spans the United States. Marcello's nationwide influence is indicated in his control of organized crime in the Gulf Coast area, close ties in Dallas and other parts of Texas, representatives in Las Vegas, former interest in a Cuban casino, control of a racing wire service in several states [emphasis added] nationwide phone contacts, and attendance of a 1966 Mafia mini-conclave at LaStella Restaurant in New York City. Gambling warehouses in Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma, a gambling book in Houston, rock festivals in California, and an extortion scheme in Indiana were also linked to him. . . . "(Scheim 391).

"Mobsters 'control' horse-racing. Fixes were always placed with Mob consent. An estimated 60 percent of race horses in America are owned by Mobsters through fronts. [cites testimony of Bobby Byrne, a former top horse racing fixer connected with Gambino clan, in United States House, Organized Crime in Sports. U.S. Congress. House. Select Committee on Crime. Organized Crime in Sports (racing). Hearings. May 9-July 27, 1972. 1973. 92d Congress, 2d Session. Y4C86/3:C86/15/pts. 1-4.]pp. 1086-7, 1123, 1127-28, 1131-33, 1136; background, pp. 1083ff., 1117." (Scheim 420).

As for Albert Gore, Sr.'s Democratic Party politician colleague and contemporary, Jim Garrison, described as essentially "on the take" from Carlos Marcello, and his home state of Louisiana and surrounding areas, Scheim notes the following:

"The Mob's annual income in New Orleans 'runs to $1,114,000,000, making it by far the state's largest industry.' [from]Bill Davidsonm 'Costa Nostra's Wall Street', Saturday Evening Post, February 29, 1964, pp. 15 ff." (Scheim 392).

"Marcello enterprises are 'scattered through surrounding states and include thousands of acres of oil leases on federal land.' [cited Reid, Ed. The Grim Reapers: The Anatomy of Organized Crime in America. New York: Henry Regnery Bantam, 1970.] 152-3 . . . ."(Scheim 392).

Scheim (389-90, 433) also notes that there are Mob ties to many instances of toxic waste dumping, citing Albuquerque Journal, March 17, 1980, p. C11; Newsweek, January 5,1981, pp. 35, 39; Ralph Blumenthal and Ben A. Franklin, "Illegal Dumping of Toxins Laid to Organized Crime," New York Times, June 5, 1983, pp. 1, 44. Toxic waste is an issue Al Gore, jr., has claimed as his own.

In a final area in which Clinton's record as an Arkansas governor was always suspect and frequently investigated at the local level by Arkansas media, nursing home abuse, Scheim also finds a Mob connection to this problem:

"'Notorious mobsters like Meyer Lansky and Joe Colombo reported have been linked to nursing homes, hospitals, and clinical laboratories.' Jack Anderson, "The Mob Taps Into Medicaid," Miami Herald, March 3, 1978, p. 7A." (Scheim 423).Various instances of violence, intimidation and murder are noted by Scheim in this section of Chapter Notes in connection with nursing home corruption and abuse, which cites:

Jack Anderson, "Medicaid Inquiry Hit by Violence," Washington Post, April 6, 1978, p. VA19.

NBC Evening News, "Segment 3," December 12, 1977

Davidson, Bill. "How the Mob Bleeds New England," Saturday Evening Post, November 18, 1967, p. 29

Teresa, Vincent, with Thomas C. Renner.My Life in the Mafia. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1973. 336, 192.

The various odds and ends about Bill, Roger and Hillary Clinton and the Mob, don't reflect well on Gore, given the possible Marcello ties to the MLK assassination and the other "connections" noted in my notes on MLK's assassination (also on this website).

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