Virtual Reality and "Abduction"

I've been fizzing with this for the last several hours so I'm going to try to describe this thing. It might give some perspective on how "rhetoric" happens. Intersubjective reality: I've been thinking about that term and about several possible explanations for the "abduction" experience that could cover the same ground but not require the physical presence of metallic objects in our atmosphere and the actual presence of aliens.

A convergence of laser-beam type technologies, fiber optics technological innovations (there is ongoing research to produce fiber optics effects in laser beams, with some results), our knowledge (limited though it is) of speed-of-light-transcendant neutrinos and neutrino-like "particles" (a neutrino is both a particle and a wave; a neutrino is, somehow, a "curving" aspect of another universe or area of anti-matter; I don't know quite how to express this any better--that's my best shot).

Anyway, fiber optics, neutrinos, lasers, and hologram devices might lead to an advanced communications technology, beyond anything we can create today, though perhaps we can at least imagine it. But there is another technology that we are also experimenting with that might help to envision it better. It's called virtual reality.

Our current virtual reality devices are, of course, relatively cumbersome things compared to this airy, energy-based, beam-projected stuff the aliens are using in my scenario. But they give you some idea. Within the plastic, you're placed into another realm, and things gradually become "real" to you. You come to be "hypnotized," in a sense, and to believe you're somewhere else, in some strange setting and you then try to orient yourself to match that other reality.

In some manner, such virtual reality imagery may be used on that beam that I described earlier--the one the aliens may be sending, that both sends and receives data, fiber optic style, on the same beam, travelling faster than light, neutrino-style; and delivering three-dimensional images, holographic style. In other words, put all of that together and see what you might come up with.

This is communications technology, not travel technology. Astronomers, even the most staid ones, have for years acknowledged that an advanced civilization may be sending out "signals" or even "communications" to us or other solar systems. They've even speculated that some have "found" each other and are communicating that way.

I'm just trying to build on that, and, at the same time, try to apply some imagination to the explanation of "Ufos" and the "abduction" experience. Many experienced researchers, each working from their own ends, have come to a very interesting conclusion about the "ufo" experience, for example:

Well over half--probably over 70 percent--of persons who report having "seen a ufo" will later, over the years, report "missing time." Almost invariably, when abduction researchers look into missing time, they find an abduction experience.

Interestingly, too, even among the 30 percent of persons who report ufos and don't recall any missing time, an astonishingly high percentage of those persons experience "nervous breakdowns," "psychiatric symptoms," and many develop emotionally-triggered physical disorders. These aren't always or often connected to the ufo experience, but it's interesting that in many cases of persons who made a connection between "nerves" and their previous ufo sightings, among them have been some of the most reliable ufo reports--that is, the reports with the most crediblity as having reported something that, in some way, actually happened. Those include, of course, police officers.

For example, Dale Spaar was a deputy sheriff in Florida who reported "seeing a ufo." He reported his experience, including what he described as repeated encounters with a "light" in his car as he sped away from the object to find a phone to call hq., because his cruiser's radio wasn't working properly. Interestingly, many persons who report "abduction" almost invariably report it as beginning with a "light" that shines on them. Over the next few months, officer Spaar had nervous difficulties, and resigned his position as a police officer. Although he died a few years back and never was interviewed about a possible "abduction" experience, some researchers think there was one there, because many persons who've been "abducted" have nightmares, bad nerves, etc., going into their hypnosis sessions.

Anyway, the reason this is interesting to me, is that it tends to indicate that virtually no one who sees a ufo for any length of time, DOESN'T have an "abduction" experience. Yet, if you've been reading me closely, you know that what I call and "abduction" experience is actually being "examined" via a communications technology, not by the actual physical presence of alien beings in a spacecraft in close proximity to our planet. In other words, the ufo itself, seen at the initiation of the "abduction" experiernce, is the first image, the first part, of this "virtual reality" experience that is beamed to the person by the aliens, as a part of their exam.

There is one other thing, one other dimension to this, that I often forget that many persons may not be aware of. I've become inured to this fact, because I've known it for so long, yet I forget that it isn't often mentioned.

It has to do with the issue of "why haven't they contacted us officially."

In the 1960s, the Rand Corporation was commission by the US government to study what we would want to do if, in the course of exploring other planets in our own space program, we were to come across intelligent life--that is, life that had some type of a civilization.

After much rumination and deliberation and debate, the Rand Study scientists, including, I believe, Dr. Sagan or with input from him, came to the conclusion that we would be far wiser, should we find such a civilization, to NOT make official contact, but rather TO STUDY THE SOCIETY FROM A DISTANCE. In other words, if we INTERVENED in their culture by communicating with them officially, we'd be INTERFERING with their natural development as a culture and a civilization, and short-circuiting the creativity they'd be capable of, thereby cheating ourselves of the fruits of that independently-developed creativity.

My point, then, is that (and this is widely-known among "ufo" researchers but maybe not by the general public) this alien civilization is studying us, as much as possible, with a minimum of direct or deliberate interference.

While we may feel that "subjective" experience might dictate that it is impossible to "observe without affecting," nevertheless, in a case like this, one would have to try. One way, would be a technology that allowed one to examine from a distance, without physically intruding on the space of such a civilization. This would also be safer and probably less expensive than direct travel.

We simply have to realize that these converging technologies make such a communications technology possible. The neutrino dimension of it, is what would make it feasible in terms of present-time studies, since the neutrino, once harnessed in some manner, would give one the ability to "transcend" the speed of light. Some have suggested that because the neutrino is from a "bent" aspect of either another universe or the anti-matter "end" of this universe, its particle-wave character could give it the capacity to also move backward as well as forward in time. Thus, information carried on a neutrino would be usable in the present time, even when used in communicating with or to a distant, light years-distant planet. This is how the observations would be made practical.

About all we can do with neutrinos right now is "catch" them briefly as they shoot through our section of space; and then we can "photograph" them, with tracers to delineate their paths. But someday, we may be able to "harness" them as we have the photon, using them to produce something to the effect of beams. Again, combining that technology with holograms, virtual reality, and fiber optics experimentation as is already ongoing with regard to using laser beams after the fashion of fiber optics, incredible things could be done.

To initiate the experience, an "object" could be placed in the beginning of the beam. This is not an actual physical object, but the image, the holographic image, of the object. This would explain the "ufo" sighting part of the experience. Following quickly on the ufo object part, would be the "beam of light," which is the bulk of the beam of information and information-gathering technology. The subject is "struck" by the beam at that point, information is conveyed to them, they are paralyzed, relaxed, their nervous system manipulated in such a way that they cannot recall the experience.

We have to remember, too, that this civilization may almost know us better than we know ourselves. After all, they may have been doing this for thousands. of years. ":Fairy stories" and other tales of being "carried off" by the "gods" have been around forever. They may know our brains and nerves better than we do. They know how to manipulate us, how to make us forget, how to relax us. And they don't even have to actually be here, to do it. They are only "virtually" here, with these beams.

What would this mean, in terms of the "subjective" experience. These are the angels of older cultures--beings so much more advanced than us, that, for all practical purposes to those old cultures, their homeland was "heaven." Their knowledge was so much greater and their capacity for good was so much greater, that they were "divine" or, at least, semi-divine.

Isn't it interesting that humankind has always had such a need to break "God" up into parts? On the one hand, we went through a great deal to clarify that we were intersted in the genuinely spiritual God, the one-ness, (some people now say "God is a woman" but whatever term, there is, in that sense, only one). Yet, all our traditions, even the ones we today accept more widely, are full of beings, of divisions of God, as it were, of beings that are only slightly under God--between God and us. The Greeks and others had "demi-gods" and other characters, as did other ancient cultures. Even when "we" came along and said, "no there's only one god," we proceeded to add, "and a bunch of angels."

Well--what are angels? In our present experience, we ask, because, subjectively as a culture, we think in our own way, perceive in our own way. Jacob "wrestled" with an angel. No big deal to the ancient Jews: he just wrestled with an angel all night. "Abduction" experiences sometimes last three to four hours and people recall straining mightily to be able to move, usually not succeeding. "And the glory of the lord shown round about them"--and, boom, there was an "angel." "Abduction" experiences are invariably preceded by a light. Are we really just talking about the same thing, from different cultural perspectives, subjectively?

(Sources of interest here include CDB Bryan's Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (NY: 1991); John Mack, MD, Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens (NY: Random, 1998); Whitley Strieber's Communion (NY: Wilson, 1987); and John G. Fuller's Interrupted Journey ( NY: 1970.)

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